VanWest College Canada: Nationality Breakdown for June 2011

13 June 2011

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VanWest College in Vancouver and Kelowna, Canada, has published its student nationality breakdown for June 2011. Both campuses have a good mix of students from Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East. At the Vancouver campus no nationality represents more than 13% of the student body and French Canadians make up 10% of the student population. Kelowna has a slightly higher percentage of South Korean and Japanese students in June, but balanced by students from Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Brazil, Turkey and Panama among other countries.

The breakdown in full:

Vancouver Campus:

Mexico 13%

Japan 13%

Korea 13%

Switzerland 11%

Saudi Arabia 10%

Brazil 10%

Franch Canada 10%

Taiwan 5%

Turkey 5%

Russia 2%

Other from 9 countries 10%

Kelowna Campus:

Korea 25%

Japan 18%

Switzerland 14%

Saudi Arabia 9%

Mexico 10%

Taiwan 7%

Brazil 7%

Turkey 4%

Panama 3%

Other 3%

More Information:

VanWest website


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