The Liden & Denz Language Centres: Interview with Walter Denz

26 November 2012

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The Liden & Denz Language Centres in Russia offer intensive Russian language studies in St. Petersburg and Moscow.

We chat to school director Walter Denz to find out more about Liden & Denz and how it feels to be part of IALC.

Q: Hello Walter, when did you join IALC and why?

We joined IALC 15 years ago, in 1997. Our first centre was up and running already for five years but we felt isolated in our part of the world. We wanted to become part of an international network, partly to learn but also to share. IALC seemed the obvious choice. We never regretted joining.

Q: How does it feel to be part of this exclusive global community of quality language schools?

The IALC network adds value to everything we do at our schools. It is a wonderful knowledge base for us and our staff. The relentless drive to push up standards is rewarding for all involved. Last but not least also for our students, who get more value for their money by choosing a IALC school for their language studies.

Q: How is 2012 going for you and how does it compare with last year?

Better than expected, given the international debt crisis. New bookings Q1-Q3 combined were up by about 11% compared to the same period last year.

Q: Liden & Denz Language Centre was established in 1992. How have things changed at the school since then?

In the early years the focus was to survive financially, finding students, convincing them to come to Russia and assign them with a teacher. There was no curriculum, the school had no clear teaching method, the classroom management existed just in theory and so on.

Nowadays we have curriculum, a system of teaching performance appraisals, we apply the CEFR, we pass inspections by IALC and EAQUALS and there is a general feeling that we provide excellent services both in the classroom and outside the classroom. All staff member know that we can always do things better and they go for it. To keep this drive is essential.

Q: What are your main aims for Liden & Denz Language Centres

Stick to what we do best: teach Russian to the student, professional and leisure market. Offer excellent value for money!

Q: Where do the majority of your students come from?

Europe with BRIC countries catching plus a steady flow from Korea and Japan.

Q: What are your most popular student activities?

Drinking Vodka? Rather our themed walking tours on the October Revolution, the Tsars, Dostoyevsky and others. We take them to places where it all happened. These tours have been designed by our teachers, rather than by touristic tour guides. Students love them.

Q: Moving on to you, which is your own favourite travel destination?

Switzerland, my home country. A true paradise for visitors (but I don’t want to work there).

Q: Your favourite pastime?

our three children



Q: Your favourite meal?

red wine

Q: Your dream dinner guest(s)?

I prefer to have dinner with wine-drinking friends.

Q: Finally, what would you say are the main benefits of learning Russian at Liden & Denz Language Centre?

The very high expectations the students have are met. We are very professional.

The Liden & Denz Language Centres in Saint-Petersburg and Moscow offer a wide range of year-round Russian language courses since 1992. Both our centres are fully accredited with IALC and EAQUALS and are a five-times STM Star Award winner.

The Liden & Denz Language Centres tel 7 495 254 4991 Email:

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