Successful IALC audit for Linguaviva and Linguadue

5 November 2012

Quality Language Schools Worldwide

In June 2012, Italian language schools Linguaviva in Florence and Linguadue in Milan successfully underwent their regular IALC re-inspection, with a difference: both on-site audits were carried out by an external inspector.

Traditionally, IALC has used mainly "peer inspectors": senior, experienced staff from other IALC schools, who follow IALC’s inspection handbook and additionally bring their first-hand experience of working in leading language schools worldwide to the inspection. But since 2011, IALC has been increasing its team of external inspectors in order to manage the volume of inspections of new and existing members.

The IALC inspection is both a benchmarking exercise to ensure that standards are being met and part of a process within IALC to share best practice and improve continuously.

Linguadue director Giorgia Biccelli says: “Going through the audit was a lot of work but very rewarding. The IALC quality scheme is a great opportunity for schools to assess tangibly their quality and to have a feedback for an ongoing improvement process. The inspector could assess that both Linguaviva and Linguadue are well-managed schools and that there is evidence of attention to detail and personal service which contributes to the smooth-running of the centres.”

Giorgia adds: “Linguaviva and Linguadue staff and management were very satisfied with the audit, the feedback and the advice given to continue improving the quality standards of our schools and services.”

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