Selectividad still required by Spanish universities in 2016

19 August 2015

Prepare for Spanish university in Malaga, Spain

Malaca Instituto will be offereing a the Selectividad preparation course in 2016.

Over a year ago the Spanish government announced it would no longer run Selectividad (the entry exam for Spanish Undergraduate Degrees), however this change will not take effect before 2017.

Selectividad (more correctly called PAU: Prueba de Acceso a la Universidad) is still offered to overseas students and it remains the most credible and valid entry route for these students. The UNED (the Spanish national distance university) have confirmed to Malaca Instituto that they will be offering PAU/Selectividad in 2016. In this transition phase, the exam is not compulsory and there are other possible ways to enter some Undergraduate Degrees in Spain. However, the UNED, say that in 2015 the majority of Spain's public Universities used Selectividad as their entry criteria and fully expect them to do the same again in 2016.

"At Malaca Instituto we prefer to promote a tried and tested access route which will enable successful students to have their University place guaranteed by the end of July, in the first phase of enrolments when all courses are available," explains Bob Burger, Marketing Director with Malaca Instituto. "It is important that potential students are fully informed of the situation so that there are no surprises later."

Bob Burger explains more about the Selectividad and the value of this exam to a student in this press release.

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