Mo Gough of Canterbury Language Training – In Memoriam

5 May 2008

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Mo Gough, Managing Director of Canterbury Language Training, sadly died on Sunday 4 May.

For many years a key member of the staff at The School of English Studies in Folkestone, where she was a member of the team that created and ran the well-known Keyman course, Mo moved to Pilgrims in Canterbury, where she greatly developed their Executive Centre. In 1990 she left Pilgrims to start Canterbury Language Training, which she ran from January 1991 until her death.

CLT was notionally a subsidiary of The London School of English but Mo didn't really do subsidiaries and CLT was stamped through with her inimitable personality: her tremendous understanding of the needs of corporate clients, her driving energy, her humour and her total conviction of the rightness of what she was doing. In a short while she built up a first-class training organisation utterly dedicated to its clients, who responded by giving incomparable feedback, and with staff who were equally dedicated to the company, and to Mo herself.

Mo didn't do illness either. Neither major surgery, nor chemotherapy nor radiotherapy was accepted as an excuse not to carry on as normal. She could be found planning class allocations in her hospital bed the day after major surgery. Latterly even her indomitable spirit was forced to slow down a little, but she fiercely resented this, and would never accept that her illness could justify less than total dedication and involvement. 'Stop fussing' would be the response to any enquiry after her health, and no one who knew her was likely to suggest that she should take it easy.

When the London School of English joined IALC, bringing Canterbury Language Training with it, Mo was initially somewhat reluctant, unsure what benefits to her beloved CLT would accrue. She was very quickly won over, and deeply touched, by the warmth with which she was welcomed and hugely impressed by the professionalism of the three workshops she attended. She also had a lot of fun in Paris, Madrid and Cape Town! Until only the week before the Munich workshop she was determined to attend and was very frustrated when she finally accepted it would be impossible. She was very moved by the extensive list of good wishes brought back by John Miles and Timothy Blake from her many old, and new, friends in the Association.

For many years Mo had the close support and dedicated love of her husband David, until his death in 2000. She leaves two much-loved children, Debbie and Simon, and three grandchildren. All the staff at Canterbury Language Training, and all those in the business around the world who knew her well, have lost a dear friend and an inspiring model of professionalism and dedication.

The picture above is Mo's preferred photo of herself.


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