Mandarin House runs Chinese Business Dinner Etiquette Workshop for Global EMBAs

8 March 2013

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Foreigners doing business in China need to understand "guanxi", the basic dynamics in personalized networks of influence. A group of Executive MBA participants received a head start with this vital skill from Mandarin House recently.

The 41 participants joined the Mandarin House workshop as part of their Omnium Global EMBA program, managed by the University of Toronto and University of St. Gallen. During the workshop they learned the intricacies of business dinner etiquette in China. Topics ranged from where to sit to discussing business and refusing alcohol and food.

The Mandarin House instruction accompanied a traditional Chinese banquet with dishes from the various culinary styles of China. Participants practised the techniques and advice learned throughout the meal, in order to digest and retain them. In the words of one senior manager, “I’m still jet-lagged, but for my own survival I’m sure I’ll remember this evening.”

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