Mandarin House opens third Chinese language school in Guangzhou

5 June 2012

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Following Mandarin House Shanghai (2004) and Beijing (2006), Mandarin House has opened a Chinese language school in Guangzhou, China’s third largest city with 13 million people. Situated next to Hong Kong, Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong, which has long been the cultural and economic heart of South China and China’s primary international trade centre.

Today, Guangdong is the cornerstone of the ambitious Pearl Delta Economic Zone and home to the Canton Trade Fair (China’s largest), hundreds of international companies and dozens of foreign consulates looking after their citizens and business communities. “More and more non-Chinese businessmen and tourists are coming to Guangzhou to take advantage of the city’s prosperity, and many of them are staying for the long-term,” says Jasmine Bian, founder and president of Mandarin House.

For these expatriates and others, understanding Chinese is not only the key to unlocking China’s business potential, but also a way to boost salary. As reported recently by a well-known Chinese recruitment research company, the salary of an expatriate who understands Chinese in China is 45% higher on average than expatriates who cannot.

Mandarin House Guangzhou uses the same self-developed curriculum as the other Mandarin House Chinese language schools. It focuses on “Real-Life Chinese” and employs tried and tested teaching methods gained from the ESL industry, in contrast to the academic Chinese often instructed at universities, and is wholly focused on delivering fast results.

Courses include intensive classes from Monday to Friday (with the option to learn Chinese characters or not), private tutoring for individuals or small groups, study tours and junior summer camps. The school caters for Chinese learners of all levels and for students wanting to learn from 2 weeks to 1 year or more.

Mandarin House Guangzhou is located on the 10th floor of the iconic Victory Plaza in the city’s new Tianhe business district and is easily accessible by subway. The classrooms are modern, air-conditioned and designed to create an optimum language learning environment complemented by a student rest area and PC stations with free wifi.

The bottom floors of the building comprise of a major shopping mall and food court. Nearby attractions include the historic Shipai Village, Guangdong Museum, Central Library and Guangzhou Opera House.

Mandarin House Guangzhou is opening for classes from June 9.

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