London School of English use London as one of their classrooms

3 July 2014

Student activities in London

The London School of English has always taken advantage of their surroundings, but this summer, teachers will be making full use of London to teach English.

Not only will students take part if social activities in the city, but the Intensive General English course will include class activities and visits in various museums, galleries and places of interest.

Although students can learn English in their home country or online, they are still choosing to come to London to improve their English, and with the expectation to actually see the city.

Using london as a classroom enables students to:

-Experience the city and get a feel of it's culture and history

-Apply language skills to real life: more practical and authentic language learning

-Improve their learning ability: all these experiences will appeal to the senses and become more memorable

Student activities in London

The London School of English

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