Linguaviva Launches Innovative Food Culture Programme in Collaboration with Babilonia School and Pollenzo University

5 June 2024

Linguaviva Launches Innovative Food Culture Programme in Collaboration with Babilonia School and Pollenzo University

Linguaviva is thrilled to introduce its latest offering: the Food Culture Programme. This groundbreaking initiative is a collaboration with the Babilonia Italian Language and Culture School in Taormina and the renowned University of Gastronomical Sciences of Pollenzo.

Designed as an immersive journey through Italy’s rich culinary landscape, the programme offers a unique blend of language study, cultural exploration, and gastronomical education. Unlike traditional cooking courses, this programme delves deep into the cultural and scientific aspects of food, providing students with a comprehensive understanding of Italian gastronomy.

A Journey Across Italy

The programme spans three weeks and takes place across three iconic Italian regions: Sicily, Tuscany, and Piedmont. Students will begin their journey in Taormina, Sicily, where they will immerse themselves in Italian language lessons and Sicilian cooking classes. This segment includes a guided tour of Taormina and a full-day excursion to the Etna Volcano, featuring a traditional Sicilian lunch.

In the second week, the adventure continues in Florence, Tuscany. Here, students will continue their language studies while exploring the region’s gastronomical excellences. Highlights include visits to local olive oil and saffron producers, cooking classes focused on Tuscan cuisine, and a full-day vineyard tour with wine tasting.

The final week is spent at the prestigious University of Gastronomical Sciences in Pollenzo, Piedmont. This segment offers an in-depth exploration of food culture through daily classes and seminars on sensory analysis, food psychology, and sustainability. Students will participate in activities such as truffle hunting, cheese tasting, and visiting local wine producers.

Comprehensive and Inclusive

The programme fee of €7,200 covers all aspects of the experience, including accommodation, Italian language classes, cooking classes, workshops, visits, tastings, transportation, and meals during certain activities. Accommodation varies from shared flats in Taormina to homestays in Florence and hotel rooms in Pollenzo.

Students will also benefit from the expertise of the University of Gastronomical Sciences of Pollenzo, an institution founded by Carlo Petrini, the visionary behind the Slow Food movement. The university is a leader in gastronomical education, offering an innovative approach to understanding food as a cultural and scientific value.

A Unique Educational Experience

The Food Culture Programme offers an unparalleled educational experience that goes beyond traditional culinary studies. By combining language learning with cultural immersion and academic excellence, Linguaviva aims to provide students with a holistic view of Italian food culture. Participants will gain insights into food production, sustainability, and the social significance of gastronomy.

This programme is not just about learning to cook; it’s about understanding the intricate relationship between food, culture, and community. Students will leave with a profound appreciation of Italy’s culinary heritage and the skills to share this knowledge with others.

For more information, please contact Emanuele Vidoni or view the programme's brochure

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