Learn Spanish online with Estudio Sampere

Written by Rosie Baker 23 March 2020

Learn Spanish online with Estudio Sampere

IALC-accredited Spanish language school, Estudio Sampere offers Online Spanish lessons to students of all ages, levels and nationalities.

Technology has entered every single area of our life. Education is not an exception. Nowadays, you can learn anything from anywhere!

Students will learn Spanish online via Skype from one of the native teachers who teach everyday at Estudio Sampere’s schools in Spain and Ecuador. Furthermore, students will receive premium access to a virtual platform with plenty of learning materials.

This online Spanish course aims to develop the four main Spanish language skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as to improve grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. To make sure you are on the right level course, Estudio Sampere will send you a link to a grammar test and then call you for an oral interview.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced, you can choose to learn Spanish via the Online Intensive group classes (with a maximum of 9 pupils learning Spanish along side you), or private classes on a one to one course. Estudio Sampere recommends choosing an Intensive 20 Plus 5 one to one; Intensive 25 Plus 5 one to one or Intensive 20 Plus 10 one to one!

Since 1956, Estudio Sampere has been offering quality Spanish language courses from their family run, independent schools in: Madrid, Salamanca, Alicante (Spain) and Cuenca (Ecuador).

Find out more about the Spanish Online classes, for groups as well as private classes at Estudio Sampere here: http://www.sampere.com/pdf/Estudio_Sampere_Skype_Lessons.pdf

Groups: http://www.sampere.com/learn-spanish/super-intensive-spanish-course.html

One to one: http://www.sampere.com/learn-spanish/spanish-one-to-one-tuition.html

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