Interview with Tamwood Scholarship Winner - Media Touristik AG

6 February 2012

Media Touristik AG (Linguista), which is located in Witterswil, Switzerland, has won this week’s free scholarship at Tamwood Language Centres in Canada.

We spoke to Mark Winkler to find out more about Media Touristik and their plans for the 2012 IALC Workshop in Toronto.

Q: Congratulations Mark, you are the seventh winner of our weekly free scholarship prize draws. How do you feel?

A: I feel wonderful, great!

Q: What are you most looking forward to at the 2012 IALC Workshop?

A: I look forward to meeting business friends and getting new ideas

Q: At the Workshop you’ll be able to meet over 100 IALC schools, covering nine major languages in destinations across the world. What are your particular interests - destinations, languages, programmes, age-groups?

A: New programmes in all age groups

Q: You were established in 1985. How have things changed at the agency since then?

A: No more telex and fax, but more competition

Q: Where does the majority of your student business come from e.g. walk-in, word-of-mouth, website…?

A: Word of mouth and subagents

Q: Has the source of your student business changed for you over the years?

A: Yes very much so, the web changed our business

Q: What do you see as the biggest challenges in the year ahead?

A: Being at the top in Google search results

Q: Moving on to find out more about you, which is your favourite travel destination?

A: Morocco

Q: Your favourite pastime?

A: Travelling

Q: Your favourite song?

A: I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor

Q: Your favourite meal?

A: Cordon Bleu with French Fries

Q: Your dream dinner guest?

A: Barack Obama.

Thank you Mark and we look forward to meeting you again at the IALC Workshop in April.

Linguista (Media Touristik AG)

Tel: +41617252560

More Information:

Win a Tamwood Scholarship


Linguista (Media Touristik)



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