Interview with Andrew Lennox from Glasgow School of English

10 June 2013

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Glasgow School of English Global School of English Edinburgh Both schools are located in the centre of the most important cities in Scotland. Both schools are International, offer great value for money and provide high quality teaching of English language.
About Glasgow Largest city in Scotland and the third largest in the United Kingdom, Glasgow offers a rich cultural life and a vibrant nightlife. About Edinburgh Capital city of Scotland, Edinburgh is the second most popular tourist destination in the UK and hosts several major international festivals.
Learning English in Scotland Learning English in Scotland offers a different and unique experience. Traditional study places in England are becoming over crowded with particular Nationalities and students from these countries are now looking further North to study. The traditional perception about Scotland speaking a different language is now recognised as being a wrong perception and that wherever a person studies. Whether it is in Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Ireland, or America, there will always be different accents spoken but not different languages. Is Scotland cold? Many people overseas believe that Scotland is very cold. This may be the case in the Highlands of Scotland during the winter time. However Glasgow and Edinburgh are not in the Highlands but in the South part of Scotland. The average annual temperature in Glasgow and Edinburgh is only a few degrees cooler than London.

This month, we speak to Andrew Lennox, Owner of the Glasgow School of English and of the Global School of English in Edinburgh, who tells us about the schools and how it feels to be part of IALC.

Q: Hello Andrew, when did you join IALC and why?

I joined in 2009, the main reason being that IALC represents the interests of the smaller independent schools.

Q: How does it feel to be part of this exclusive global community of quality language schools?

It is like a global family. At workshops you always meet friends that you have known for a number of years. It is a very comfortable environment to be part of.

Q: How is 2013 going for you and how does it compare with last year?

In 2012 we were concerned how the economic situation in Europe was going to affect us. However we took various decisions about our costs, offers and are working hard on targeting different countries outside of Europe and so far we have managed to keep our 2013 students weeks above last year.

What are the main challenges you have to face in Scotland at present?

The frequent changes presented by UKBA regarding visas and the economic situation in Europe are quite challenging.

Q: What are your main aims for your Glasgow and Edinburgh schools this year?

To continue to grow our student weeks numbers as we have every year since we started in 1997.

Q: Anything new this year? If so why did you innovate? Can you already measure positive returns?

We introduced in Edinburgh, an English and Nursing programme and a Young Learner group programme offered during Spring and Winter periods. We have run the Nursing programme twice this year, with Spanish nurses, and we have had a number of closed groups from Italy, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland.

Q: Where do the majority of your students come from?

Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Columbia, Korea, China.

Q: What are your most popular student activities?

Students like the coffee club that is offered once a week in both schools. This gives all the students of the schools the chance to talk in a social/informal setting, only in English. Sightseeing trips to famous places in Scotland are popular and Scottish country dances are very popular.

Q: Finally, what would you say are the main benefits of learning English at the Glasgow School of English or at the Global School of English in Edinburgh ?

The schools are family run, small and therefore every student gets attention and the atmosphere is very friendly.

The schools offer course fees that are affordable and offer great value for money.

The quality of the learning environment and the teaching process is high.

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