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1 December 2006

Quality Language Schools Worldwide

The International Association of Language Centres has been voted Language Travel Magazine (LTM) Star School Association 2006. The award was announced and presented at the official LTM awards dinner at the Royal Lancaster Hotel in London on 27 August 2006, which was attended by language travel professionals from around the world.

Collecting the award on behalf of IALC, executive director Jan Capper thanked all the study abroad consultants and agencies who had voted for IALC and work with IALC schools. We are very proud and honoured to accept this award,” she said, dedicating it to IALC’s late founder, Alberto Sampere.

Two IALC language schools also won individual awards in their special categories. The award for the LTM Star French Language School 2006 went to France Langue (Paris and Nice), while Linguaviva / Linguadue (Florence / Milan) won one of two awards presented in the Italian language school category.

Seven more IALC language schools were short-listed for the inaugural awards for language travel organisations, organised by publishers Hothouse Media. They are: BLS, Institut Linguistique Adenet, Babilonia, Estudio Sampere, Malaca Instituto, Escuela Nerja and GLS Campus Berlin.

The LTM Star School Association 2006 award is based on votes submitted to Language Travel Magazine by language and study travel agencies, who place language learners on courses at international language schools worldwide.

The award has since travelled across the Atlantic to Canada, where it is on display in the IALC President’s office at LSC Language Studies Canada in Toronto.

Pictured with awards are: Jan Capper (IALC), Jean-Francois Vouilloux (France Langue) and Giorgia Biccelli (Linguaviva/Linguadue).

Pictured celebrating IALC’s award night success are: Wolfgang Graser (Good Hope Studies), Alyson Craig (Dominion English Schools), Giorgia Biccelli, Jan Capper, Damien Renaux (BLS), Jean-Francois Vouilloux, Ida Willadsen (Malaca Instituto), Renate Urban (Escuela de Idiomas Nerja) and Celestine Rowland (Galway Cultural Institute).

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