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1 March 2012

Quality Language Schools Worldwide

In April, over 100 leading language schools from around the world will share news of their major developments in 2012 and 2013 with agents attending the IALC Workshop in Toronto. Here are just a few highlights of what’s on offer in just a few weeks’ time:

Academia Columbus - Costa Rica, Ecuador, Mexico:

For 2012, we have started to use the new "Prisma Latinoamericano" teaching method, which is specifically developed to cover the latest aspects of teaching Spanish to foreign students within the Latin American countries. Find out more in Toronto.

BLS and France Langue Schools - France:

New programmes we are launching - French and Surf in Biarritz, French and Fashion in Paris, French and Heritage in Bordeaux and in-company internships in Paris and Nice. Visit our table at the Workshop to find out more.

Torquay International School - England:

A new-look website which has already received international acclaim as a great tool for agents, plus the appointment of a new General Manager working with Judith to take TIS forward into the 2013 and beyond.

English Language Company - Australia:

New for ELC in 2012 will be Teach and Travel Vietnam, an exciting English teaching internship in Vietnam for both native and non native speakers of English in beautiful Vietnam.

BridgeBrazil - Brazil:

BridgeBrazil is proud to introduce for 2012 the courses on Survival Portuguese (live & virtual), and internships opportunities for credit/non-credit in both Rio and SP at undergraduate/graduate levels in partnership with local prestigious universities.

CLLC - Canada:

In addition to our current programs, CLLC is pleased to offer a room-mate program for independent living and a free online library to accompany our customized textbooks.

Alpha College of English - Ireland:

This summer we are offering executives an exclusive 6 students per class "English for Business Professionals". In our junior school we are offering a unique "English & Archery" course. From September we will provide students with a recognised "Foundation Year" programme for Irish universities.


ELC is back in sunny Santa Barbara, CA - find out more about the experience of beautiful beaches and colourful culture while moving students’ American English forward with ELC.

IS Aix-en-Provence - France:

Find out more about IS Aix-en-Provence’s 2013 program which includes activities around “MARSEILLE-PROVENCE European Capital of Culture 2013”. Over 400 events will take place, including exhibitions, concerts, artistic trails and popular gatherings.

GenkiJACS - Japan:

In 2012 GenkiJACS will introduce a high school exchange program, enabling high school students to study in Japan easily for up to a year.

Melton College - UK:

Melton College will be launching new family English courses for August and October.

HORIZONTE - Germany:

Visit our table and find out more about our courses for young professionals (e.g. engineers, doctors, nurses) who want to work in Germany.

Coromandel Outdoor Language Centre - New Zealand:

COLC believes in " Learning by Doing" and in providing a complete NZ experience, in a setting and atmosphere that makes learning interesting. Visit our table to discover more.

Good Hope Studies- South Africa:

New in 2012 is the course structure for our General English Courses with 16, 20, 26 and 30 lessons a week, which offers our clients more choice and flexibility.

Tamwood Language Centres - Canada:

New at Tamwood for 2012 is our University Pathway Diploma Program. This program prepares students for successful studies in a North American university or college. It covers EAP as well as study skills, academic writing, IELTS prep, cultural adaptation. We also have two new summer camps in the USA, in Boston and LA.

KAPITO Sprachschule - Germany:

Studying at a German university is becoming increasingly attractive for international students. Being a certified test center for TestDaF (= university entrance exam), KAPITO also offers specially designed University Preparation Courses throughout the year.

Canterbury Language Training - England:

New for 2012 is "start any Monday" for our Micro-Group International Business English programmes (1 - 4 weeks). Find out more about our new training technology in all training rooms.

LSI Portsmouth - England:

New for 2012, LSI Portsmouth will be offering full-time Cambridge Exam Preparation courses from September. We are also introducing Self-catering Student Houses in March.

French in Normandy - France:

We have launched a monthly Book Club where students come together with one of the teachers to read and discuss a classic French text. French in Normandy has invested in readers at different levels so that all students can join in. The activity takes place after class and means that students have the chance to practice their French and take part in a free daily activity on top of their lessons.

CESC - England:

New for 2012 is our second residential summer centre at Royal Holbrook School, catering for 140 students aged 11 - 15, for the whole month of July.

Cambridge Academy of English - England:

Opening at the Cambridge Academy of English in April 2012: NEW classroom building for closed-group courses of 24 - 48 students throughout the year.

Escuela de Idiomas Nerja - Spain:

Spanish + courses are very popular here. So further to demand, we have.a new course: Spanish + Golf. What better than to learn Spanish and then play 9/18 holes under the sun and beside the sea? Find out more at the Workshop.

BridgeEnglish - USA:

Our Executive Enrichment Program includes study at the University of Denver’s High Performance Leadership Program, meetings of the International Business Circle, seminars at the World Trade Center.

BridgeArgentina - Argentina:

BridgeArgentina is expanding its center and adding 10 new bigger classrooms. This process is in line with the launch of new surprising services and more convenient options to our clients and agents like our new MAX 10 group classes, among others. Find out more at the IALC Workshop!

ELFE - France:

ELFE has moved to a new building on the famous Rue Montmartre. Find out more about these fantastic new facilities in the heart of Paris.

BEET - England:

BEET’s new teacher training building is being extended to include two more input rooms, a larger lecture room and new staffroom and toilet facilities.

Malaca Instituto - Spain:

Come and find out about the latest developments in Malaca Instituto’s Internship programme in Malaga and learn more about La Brisa, an ideal venue for 14-16s wanting a Spanish summer course in sunny Malaga.

Langports - Australia:

New at Langports in 2012 is our TOEIC+ course focusing on English for the exam and workplace. Students can also combine their studies with our Job Help Service or Community Service (Volunteering) Program and get real-life experience.

Many more programmes and exciting new features will be on display at the 2012 IALC Workshop in Toronto. Don’t miss your chance to do business with over 100 quality independent language schools, APPLY NOW<strong/>.

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