Genki Japanese Language School Partners Local College To Simplify Visa Process

29 July 2010

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Genki JACs Japanese Language School has announced a joint study course with Fukuoka International Communication College that makes it easier for students wanting to learn Japanese in Japan for more than a year to obtain a student visa.

Under the new partnership, students go to Japan on a tourist visa and convert to a student visa while there. Schools offering student visas in Japan are usually restricted to only two student intakes per year. By starting at GenkiJACS, students can arrive when they like and learn Japanese with GenkiJACS for two to six months on a tourist visa until the next college intake in April or October. While at GenkiJACS, students receive help with visa applications, converting to a student visa when the application is complete.

The student visa provided through the partner college also allows students to work for up to 28 hours per week to help finance their studies in Japan. Through the joint study course, students experience learning Japanese at two different schools, with the option of continuing on directly to the Japanese college after graduating.

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