ELC Sydney to offer CPE in January 2016

30 May 2015

Students studying with ELC Sydney

From January 2016 onwards, IALC-accredited school ELC Sydney will give its student the possibility to take the Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE).

This Cambridge exam is the highest level English exam that a learner can take, and therefore demonstrate exceptional English, and a level of fluency and sophistication equivalent to that of a native speaker.

This Cambridge Exam is for learners who already have an advanced level of English and who want to:

• Become completely natural in their spoken and written English

• Develop an extensive range of vocabulary

• Be able to produce a wide range of written texts including those required for business and academic contexts

• Be able to discuss complex topics with confidence and ease

• Read extensively and understand subtle nuances in texts

• Understand spoken English with ease and total comprehension

• Use a wide range of language appropriately and accurately at all times

The course is suitable for learners who:

• Plan to undertake courses in English

• Require a very high level of English for their jobs

• Would like to become teachers of English

• Have a genuine love of the language

• Plan to apply for positions in an international environment

The exam is accepted by thousands of leading businesses and educational institutions worldwide. Passing this exam gives students one of the most valuable English qualifications in the world. It is an achievement to be really proud of.

Students studying with ELC Sydney

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