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24 April 2014

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Mandarin House has developed a Chinese language learning APP for smartphones and iPads. In its first week the App was downloaded over 60,000 times.

The language school company developed the APP with the help of its academic staff and professional IT team.

The free APP contains 18 topic-based sections with vocabulary and sentences for practical situations.

The user chooses the subject area on a dashboard style screen. Uniquely, Mandarin House has included two categories: Business Chinese and ‘Life’ Chinese.

The user has the option of reading a sentence in Pinyin, English or Chinese characters as well as a clear and distinct audio. Each section also has a vocabulary list and a final test.

General Sections : Transport, Weather, Dating, Shopping, Travel, Entertainment, Social, Time, Study, Work, Telephone and Food.

Business sections: Introduction, Appointment, Schedule, Reservations, Bank, Customs.

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