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7 July 2013

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In early 2013, a Japanese agency contacted BWS Germanlingua about a client, Hiro, who wanted to learn German in Germany. Despite having no previous experience with visually impaired students, BWS were determined to adapt their services in the best possible way for their new student.

Hiro started with three weeks of private tuition, then joined an international group class, where he was treated just like a regular student, apart from some special provisions. So Hiro used the same textbooks and handouts as the rest of the class, converted in PDF so that he could read them in Braille on his personal computer.

His teachers and fellow students also made sure Hiro enjoyed the extra-curricular activities during his time in Munich. Hiro was so pleased with his experience at BWS, that he decided to return for extra classes in June.

Here are Hiro’s impressions of the course:

Q: How did you like the your lessons with the students?

Hiro: Very much. I was sometimes confused with the spelling in class. The other students are very kind as well as teachers. They help me and take me out to Starbucks and other activities.

Q: What did you like better, individual lessons or the group lessons?

Hiro: It depends. In some way the individual lessons are more effective, but the group lesson was more fun.

Q: What do you think of Munich?

Hiro: I love Munich! Music, beer...and getting to know people in this school.

Q: What do you like about the course and school?

Hiro: Very good atmosphere. Every Thursday night I go to the bar with the students. It’s good for communication.

Q: Are the teachers and staff friendly?

Hiro: Very nice and helpful. Really very kind.

Q: How is your accommodation?

Hiro: The apartment is very nice. First it was difficult to go to the station, but now it is ok. Also BWS office staff waited for me in front of the apartment after I was dropped off by transfer service and I was explained everything clearly. I was also accompanied to school so I could remember the way.

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