Andreas Carrion Urban talks about family run school Escuela de Idiomas Nerja

15 January 2015

Andreas Carrión, Head of Marketing Department, Escuela de Idiomas Nerja

This month, we talk with Andreas Carrion Urban, Head of the Marketing Department with Escuela de Idiomas Nerja. Located on the Southern coast of Spain, the school specialises in Spanish Intensive courses and cultural activities for all levels and ages, from 14 years old onwards, and also has plenty of experience attending groups.

Q. When did you join IALC and why?

In 1992. We wanted to join an international Association of language independent schools with a high quality level. We were introduced by Mr. Sampere to IALC the first time the School was in Expolangue Paris.

Q. How is 2014 going for you, and how does it compare to last year?

It was a good year with similar figures as last year.

Q. Anything new at Escuela de Idiomas Nerja this year?

We are increasing the academic technology in our premises, such as digital blackboards.

Year after year we are noticing an increase of the number of Spanish Plus programs demand. We are creating more new programs that will give new options such as Spanish Plus Diving.

Q. Where do the majority of your students come from?

All over Europe, a good Scandinavian mixture, Germany, USA...

Q. What are your most popular student activities?

Outdoor activities are the most demanded, Kayak, Volleyball, full day excursions. They're nice options to enjoy nature, sport and culture while practising the language they are learning.

Cookery lesson is the most popular indoor activity.

Q. 3 things that make your school special for your students?

1. Location, Our seaside location is lovely, nice weather all around the year surrounded by the mountains give Nerja its own special climate.

2. Our special and unique premises. Our outdoor classrooms atmosphere in the garden or the swimming pool at the Club Costa Nerja Hotel are some of the things that difference our School with others at the market.

3. Quality teaching and a personal approach to the student from all members of the staff.

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About yourself:

Q. How did get started in the industry?

Being in a family business I’ve been involved in the school since I was a child. As you can imagine having so passionate parents means no options to relax once you get home, always attending new issues. I didn’t understand then, nowadays I think days should have more hours.

Q. Languages you speak or would like to speak?

I speak Spanish and English. German is my Achilles heel.

I would love to speak Japanese or Chinese.

Q. Favourite travel destination?

The northern part of Spain, specially Asturias.

Q. Favourite pastime?

I like reading a lot and so many travels around the world helps.

Q. Favourite meal?

It depends on the season!!

In summer for example I love Gazpacho and Paella.

In winter I enjoy having homemade stews, that´s why I would say that Fabada is my favourite.

Q. Dream dinner guest(s)?

Bruce Springsteen and the E street band. What a night that should be!!

Andreas Carrión, Head of Marketing Department, Escuela de Idiomas Nerja

Escuela de Idiomas Nerja

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