2006 IALC Workshop honours IALC founder in Spain

1 June 2006

Quality Language Schools Worldwide

The National Agency for Higher Education in Sweden has recognised IALC language school accreditation for the awarding of CSN grants to Swedish students taking a language course abroad. All IALC language schools meeting the CSN geographical criteria are now automatically approved for CSN grant applications. This means that Swedish students can apply for a CSN grant to study at any IALC school within Europe and any IALC school outside Europe teaching a non-European language such as Japanese in Japan.

Additionally, a Swedish student with a letter of acceptance from a university outside Europe, for example in Latin America, may apply for a CSN loan for a language course at an IALC language school in that country.

The size of the CSN loans and grants is reviewed on a yearly basis and depends on the living costs of the destination. Swedish study abroad agencies hold the latest details.

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