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Q1 - Dialoge

"I have been at Dialoge for three months now. For me it is a huge adventure. When I first arrived at the school I couldn’t understand some of the words and sentences, but now I know so much more and I can speak German a lot better."

Josip L. G.

Q2-CES Leeds

"I needed a high score in the IELTS Test and the great team of CES Leeds helped me to achieve my goals - I even got a higher mark than I needed!! Without a doubt, I recommend this wonderful school"

Lucia, Spain


"I’m really honored to say, Cairns College of English and Business made my dream come true!"

Bella, Taiwan

Q4 - Mandarin House

"Mandarin House is the best place to learn Chinese!"

Greg Barrett, Canada

Q6 - Piccola

"Excellent standard of teaching with such a variety of topics that helps me improve my Italian year on year. Lovely, friendly staff throughout the school. It has a real feeling of being one big happy family! Thank you. I’ll be back again next year."

Steve Thomas, United Kingdom at Piccola Universita Italiana


"During my time at ALCE, I have significantly improved my Italian and also my cultural knowledge of Italy."

Santino, United Kingdom

Q8 - Galway

"Galway and studying English in GCI has been one of the most memorable times of my life. I was afraid that I would not like the city or the school, now I do not want the journey to end."

Sedef, Turkey

Q9 CLIC Malaga

"I went to CLIC in Málaga for three weeks and it was the best experience I have ever had! I have done languages courses before in Spain, but I liked Málaga the most!"

Bonnie, Student

Q7 - ESE

“I have not enough words to describe the incredible experience I had at ESE school. The teachers, receptionists, classmates, the team in general, even the director and the staff at the cafeteria were great. I felt all the time like at home. I made friends forever. Thank you ESE!”

Veronica Olivera Escudero, Colombia


The First Korean Language School Welcomed into IALC

The First Korean Language School Welcomed into IALC

In many countries, there is not only a great interest in Korean culture, including K-pop and Korean films, but also a growing desire to experience Korean culture and learn the Korean language.

Located in the heart of Seoul's Gangnam district, edm Korean Global Campus provides the best opportunity to experience Korean culture and language firsthand.

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IH Bristol Ventures into the IALC Community

IH Bristol Ventures into the IALC Community

Established in 1987, IH Bristol is a leading English language school situated in the picturesque Clifton neighborhood of Bristol, UK. Renowned for quality education, IH Bristol ranks in the top 8% of UK language schools for both adults and juniors. Offering a diverse range of courses, including General English, Cambridge and IELTS exam preparation, and CELTA teacher training, IH Bristol provides immersive language experiences tailored to every learner's needs.

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Liden & Denz rescues Russian library in Riga

Liden & Denz rescues Russian library in Riga

The Nikolai and Mikhail Zadornov Library, located within the Moscow Cultural Center in Riga, closed temporarily in early 2024 due to financial challenges. However, thanks to the assistance of Liden & Denz Riga, the library has reopened within the premises of this language school.

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CES Toronto Official Opening: A Celebration of Cultural Integration and Academic Excellence

CES Toronto Official Opening: A Celebration of Cultural Integration and Academic Excellence

On Monday, March 18, 2024, Centre of English Studies CEO, Mr. Justin Quinn welcomed Mr. Micheál Martin TD,  the An Tánaiste (Deputy Prime Minister), Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister for Defence, for Ireland,  for the official opening of CES Toronto at 112 Elizabeth Street, Toronto, Canada. 

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