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    Do you want to learn or improve your Spanish individually or in a small group in our beautiful city and experience two different cultures (Basque and Spanish) in just one trip?  

    Then you just found...


街自体には4つの主要なエリアがあります。旧市街、南部、東部岬、そして美しい19世紀の古い建物が見られるロマンティカ地区です。サン セバスチャンはビーチから歩いてすぐなので、勉強が終わったら、タパスやビールに出かける前に日光浴や水泳を楽しむことができます。街はコンパクトなので探索するのが容易です。




La Parte Viejaとして知られる旧市街には、エレガントなデザイナーファッションやユニークな衣料品や靴を扱うクールなブティックがたくさんあります。ここで「ピンチョス」として知られているタパスを試さなければ、サンセバスチャンでの経験は完結しません。グラスやワイン、または小さなビールと一緒に各小皿料理を楽しんだ後、次のバーに移動しましょう。

Living in San Sebastian, you are only a short walk from the beach, so when classes finish, you can sunbathe and swim before you head out for tapas and beer. The city is small, cosy, and easy to explore on foot and discover its attractions without the hassle of planning transportation.

What to do in San Sebastian

There is plenty to keep you busy when you study in San Sebastian. Take a stroll down the promenade and enjoy the views across the beautiful turquoise waters of the bay. The most scenic area is perhaps La Concha Beach, a truly picturesque strip of sand. You can also take the 10-minute boat ride to the port of Isla Santa Clara. There are two main beaches in the city, each on either side of the river. La Zurriola is recommended if you enjoy surfing and other wave sports. La Concha is the larger beach and ideal for lounging, sunbathing, and swimming.

It’s worth checking out the San Telmo Museo, which has a stunning refurbished 16th century Dominican convent. Within this gorgeous historic building you will find an impressive collection of artefacts and Basque artwork. You can also take the funicular up to the top of Monte Igueldo, where you are offered amazing views of the harbour, town, and lighthouse. Or perhaps take the short and relatively easy hike up to the statue of Christ on top of the mountain between the two beaches. It takes about an hour but there’s a bar along the way if you need to stop and take a break.

San Sebastian has it all

The old town of San Sebastian is known for having the highest concentration of bars in the world. Formed with narrow streets and located at the foot of the Mount Urgull. This city is not just about stunning beaches, green mountains, and fascinating museums, it also has a reputation as a great party scene.  A remarkable sunset ushers in the beginning of a bustling and busy night at the bars, pubs, and nightclubs,

If you love to shop, you’ll be right at home in San Sebastian, as it’s a very stylish city. The old town, known as La Parte Vieja, is filled with cool boutiques that offer elegant designer fashions and unique items of clothing and shoes. 

Foodie’s experience

No international experience is complete without trying the local cuisine, you might even pick up a few culinary skills while you study here. Basque cuisine is wide-ranging and varied, with ingredients sourced from the Cantabrian sea and from local gardens and farms. The key is the use of seasonal top-quality produce. Quality produce is the only standard you can expect not only from markets but specialised food shops and supermarkets. One of San Sebastian’s gastronomy treasures is its famous pintxos, small bite sized foods held together with a cocktail stick.

Learn Spanish in this beautiful city not only for its stunning beaches and array of museums but also a unique living experience.

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