Stay calm, stay home and learn a new language with IALC

Written by William Barber 26 3月 2020

Stay calm, stay home and learn a new language with IALC

If you’ve always wanted to speak Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, or our newest accredited language Arabic then now is the time! Try something new from the comfort of your home and learn a new language with online tuition from the world’s best language schools.

IALC is bringing language courses to you with daily lessons designed to get you speaking your new language straight away. You learn through interactive online classrooms and real life conversations. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, whether you want to learn the basics or you want to focus on topics like travel, culture, or business, you can learn to speak a new language naturally and conversationally with our world class IALC language schools fantastic online programmes.  

Did you know that... “94% of IALC students would recommend their experience at an IALC school to a friend?”

Despite these difficult times there are a number of ways that our IALC-accredited language schools will continue to provide world-class tuition and service to suit the needs of language learners across the world. No matter if you’re using your desktop, mobile or tablet, take an online language course today and choose from 1 of 10 languages!

Learn from qualified professionals, practice real-life situations, stay calm, stay home and learn a new language with IALC.

Head over to to find out more.

We’re all in this together and IALC is here for you. We look forward to brighter days, soon to come but in the meantime why not learn a language online with IALC to help you to become proficient during your time at home.

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