Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza

The Instituto de Idiomas Ibiza is determined to help you learn and improve your Spanish while providing you with all the means possible to quickly progress in your studies. All this while having a great time in Ibiza, meeting new friends and enjoying the wonderful climate on this island. The school provides the students with all the support needed, so they can reach their personal learning goals. Students will receive high quality language training in a friendly, enjoyable environment, with modern facilities and a very supportive team at the school.

All teachers have a university degree and have experience in teaching Spanish as a foreign language. The methodology is based on a communicative approach considering the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as the necessary grammatical aspects.

In Ibiza you will find a mixture of people from all over Spain and Latin America. Its unique position of being an island with strong economic growth attracts more and more Spaniards and other Hispanics to move to Ibiza. Therefore you will hear a wide range of different Spanish accents and melodies. This makes studying Spanish in Ibiza quite fascinating. 

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