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22 luglio 2017

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As a leading association for the learning of languages abroad, one of the core values of IALC is to build a global community and foster international understanding through collaboration and sharing across the world.

Our research projects, administered by Student Marketing, aim to build valuable data which can be used as a reference in the international education industry in which millions of people participate.

In total, over 4000 language travellers took part in the IALC Study Travel Research Report on the Students’ perspective on language study abroad for 2017 and 2018.

These are the third and fourth study travel research reports commissioned by IALC, but the first editions to focus on the end-consumer.

The result is a unique piece of research on language learning that has been divided into two editions: The IALC 2017 Research Report will be released in October 2017 and the IALC 2018 Research Report will follow in April 2018.

These landmark research projects identify and quantify pre-arrival and post-arrival preferences. Provides qualitative information on any unexpected benefits and disappointments of language study abroad and tracks whether existing language knowledge or proficiency, or a previous study abroad experience, influences these preferences.

Be a part of the IALC 2017 and 2018 Study Travel Reports

You can give your brand extensive exposure through the worldwide-distribution of the 2017 or 2018 IALC Research Report for €2,500 each or you can sponsor both reports for the special price of €3,500. You can also support the 2017 or 2018 IALC Research Report for €500 each instead or you can support both for €800. Find out more here.

This opportunity will position your brand as a major stakeholder in a prominent and far-reaching language travel research report.

As a sponsor, you’ll receive considerable exposure. The 2017 Research Report will be released at an exclusive seminar at ICEF Berlin. You will be credited on the cover of the research report and at all seminars related to the research.

The 2018 Research Report will be released at our IALC 2018 Workshop in Bologna which will be attended by the premium industry leaders and decision-makers, increasing brand recognition among influential delegates by bringing your brand to the people that matter.

The history of the IALC Study Travel Research Report 

In 2015, the IALC research provided new insights into the current state of the global language travel market and gained recognition in the industry media. In total, 472 agencies from 72 countries participated in this initiative, representing a pool of more than 230,000 language travel students.

In 2016, the IALC research provided a comparative analysis of the demand for foreign languages, tracking the trends in demand for nine major languages: Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese Russian and Spanish: reasons for study and age- specific market breakdowns.

  • The research has been presented in seminars at the IALC Workshop, ICEF Latin America and ICEF Berlin.
  • The 2015 report was downloaded by 655 visitors including agents (39%), IALC members (9%), other educators (30%), associations (2%), media (2%), consumers (1%) and other industry stakeholders (17%).
  • Over 2000 reports have been distributed by post and at industry events.
  • The results have been covered by industry press: ICEF Monitor, ST Magazine, The Pie News and EL Gazette.
  • The video interview with Samuel Vetrak for the 2015 Research Report, CEO of StudentMarketing, about the research was viewed over 920 times

Find out more here or email william@ialc.org to be a part of the IALC 2017 and 2018 Study Travel Reports. 

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