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26 maggio 2017

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IALC accredited language centre Global Village Victoria has recently launched an online series for language learners in which GV Victoria instructors now share their top study tips.

The Teacher Feature – Feature Teacher series is an innovative way for GV instructors to reach out to language learners and help to develop their skills outside of the classroom. 

Global Village Victoria recently received the 2017 Japan Best School Award for #1 in the world for lessons and this new series demonstrates the knowledge, experience and passion GV Victoria instructors have for their students as recent ‘Feature Teacher’, Angela, was praised by her student below: 

“Angela has always had an extra word of encouragement for me and the other students. During the break time, after classes or even after I moved to a different class, she didn’t stop reaching out to me offering advice, correcting my pronunciation and guiding me into finding a volunteer opportunity. She wants to see everyone improving.“

You can view Angela’s video here.

Global Village Victoria

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