Celtic English Academy wins Fairplay Employer Award

Written by Rinnah Roy 8 ottobre 2021

Celtic English Academy wins Fairplay Employer Award

We are extremely pleased to share with you that Celtic English Academy was awarded the Fairplay Employer award 2021 at the Chwarae Teg Womenspire awards on Thursday 30th September. The annual award recognises women overcoming barriers and celebrates their remarkable accomplishments throughout Wales highlighting achievements across all areas of society and life, inspiring future generations. The Fairplay Employer award recognises businesses in the practice of diversity, showing commitment and drive in offering an inclusive environment for everyone.

Over the recent years, Celtic English Academy has worked hard under the leadership of CEO Shoko Doherty, in becoming Wales’ first SME and first private sector organisation to achieve the Gold Standard Fairplay Employer Award, particularly in the last 12 months working to establish a more inclusive working environment.

As an English teaching centre, the Celtic English Academy is rich in diversity through the wide range of students and staff from different backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, religions, and interests. CEO Shoko Doherty has been driven to embrace positive and constructive changes to be a “Fairplay” employer that enables its staff and the organisation as a whole to continuously work towards thriving in our society of today.

“Although Celtic and the ELT sector has been through so much during the pandemic, we know that we do make a great difference in our local and global communities, and we have a responsibility to steward fairness, equality and diversity. Thank you to our colleagues for embracing our vision and to everyone who supports Celtic English Academy,” said Shoko Doherty, chief executive officer of Celtic English Academy

Shoko Doherty extends her personal thanks for the support of those in the UK ELT sector and at local and governmental level, particularly through the Covid-19 pandemic.

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