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Learn French online with our IALC-accredited language schools in France and Canada

IALC is bringing language courses to you with daily lessons designed to get you speaking your new language straight away. You learn through interactive online classrooms and real life conversations. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, whether you want to learn the basics or you want to focus on topics like travel, culture, or business, you can learn to speak a new language naturally and conversationally with our world class IALC language schools fantastic online programmes. 

Learn from our specialist world-class French language schools in France and Canada and begin your language learning journey today.

Learn French online with France Langue

France Langue is offering a whole month of French courses for free with its partner frantastique !
All you have to do is tell your friends, family, neighbors, strangers about it and go to our website !
It is completely FREE and there is no engagement !
We just want to make you happy ! And if you love learning French from home, we also have new interesting programmes to make you fluent !


Learn French Online with alpha.b – Read about Annie’s experience...

You can now learn French with IALC-accredited French language school, alpha.b Institut Linguistique. Virtual classes with alpha.b take place on the site WebRoom, which is like Skype but a bit more advanced and specifically adapted for online classes. It allows the teacher to share documents, videos and homework and of course discussions all together.There is also a small message board, which allows everyone to contribute to the class visually. Learn more here 

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Learn French online with French in Normandy's DELF online exam preparation course

IALC-accredited French language school, French in Normandy is now offering a DELF online exam preparation course for students who require DELF certification for a French job or university programme.

With French in Normandy online you can get where you want to be from wherever you are in the world! Find out more here.

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French in Normandy DELF DALF Online pdf 

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Online Cooking class with French in Normandy

Learn to cook French onion soup with IALC-accredited French language school, French in Normandy.

You can still enjoy fun and cultural activities with French in Normandy from the comfort of your own home!

Join French in Normandy's directrice while she prepares French onion soup in an easy to follow video where you can learn new vocabulary and a new recipe!

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