Lindau river

Learn German in Lindau - a charming island with historical interest

Lindau has a long and complicated history - it was Free Imperial City within the Holy Roman Empire in 1275 and has always been a trade centre. A stagecoach service between Germany and Italy was called the Lindauer Messenger (Lindauer Bote) and today you can still travel by horse and stagecoach from Lindau to Italy - it takes two weeks!

Lindau is a perfect student town all year round. In summer it has lots of sunshine and you can sail, windsurf and row on the lake, while in winter there is local skiing and snowboarding.

Things to do in Lindau


   オールドリンダウは美しい建物のある中世の町です。そして、歩いてすぐのところに果樹園、ブドウ園、森があります。
   壮大なオーストリアアルプスとスイスアルプスにはすぐにアクセスできます。
   リンダウからの最も人気のある日帰り旅行の1つは、ドイツで最も古い人が住む城であるボーデン湖のほとりにあるメールスブルク城への旅行です。
   瀬死のライオン像とリンダウ灯台はどちらも港の入り口にあり、一見の価値があります。

Tips for student life in Lindau

Lindau’s architecture is one of the major tourist attractions of the town. There are many cobblestoned streets to walk along, and green plaques to indicate the most historic houses.

For a really fun day out, you can tour the many fountains of Lindau, including the Narren Brunnen (Fool’s Fountain) in Lower Schrannenplatz, the Neptune Fountain in the marketplace and the Lindavia Fountain outside the ancient Town Hall - Lindavia is said to be the guardian of Lindau. The Stadt Museum has a fountain of Melusina in its courtyard, and there are abstract ceramic drinking fountains all around the town, as well as modern square fountains in Maximilianstrasse. You could spend all day photographing fountains in this pretty town!

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