Surfing with marginalised children volunteer programme from IALC school in South Africa

12 juillet 2017

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IALC accredited language school Good Hope Studies is among the largest and most highly regarded EFL schools in South Africa.

Volunteers at the school can leave their foot print in South Africa, not only by dedicating their time and energy to their chosen project but also through the positive contribution they make to South African society. A great example of this contribution is in the ‘Surfing with marginalised children’ volunteer programme.

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This programme teaches surfing to underprivileged youth from a rural area. Good Hope Studies argue that ‘surfing keeps them (children) out of trouble and away from drugs by giving them support and a chance to develop. Volunteers learn to surf and at the same time teach kids to surf; assist with beach games, yoga, and swimming lessons; and help with after-school homework’.

Not only do volunteers experience the best Cape Town has to offer while learning to surf but also help change the lives of underprivileged children from the community. To find out more about this life-changing iniative click here

Good Hope Studies

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