Interview with Andreas Carrión, from Escuela de Idiomas Nerja

31 août 2013

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Escuela de Idiomas Nerja has, since this summer, reinforced its team with the position of a Marketing Assistant, who will be responsible of managing and coordinating the commercial relations between the School and the sector’s various agents. Andreas Carrión states that he has met an “extraordinary” professional team, also declaring that “continuous training and the introduction o new technologies” are the necessary steps to go on growing in the Language Learning sector.

What is your evaluation of your first weeks as Escuela de Idiomas Nerja’s Marketing Assistant?

My first two weeks are being very positive. There is a lot of new information to assimilate and, above all, analyse. At the same time, it must be done an important effort in order to keep the daily work going. However, the fact is that I have met a group of excellent professionals who work very hard so that the school is in the place it is at the moment, and the best thing is- they really enjoy what they do, and students are aware of it and thank it as well.

What is the role of a Marketing Assistant in a Language School?

In the first place, there is a work related to the company external image. For example it has to be given information to students and agencies both on a daily basis and on workshops and international fairs. Besides, we must manage our social networks’ development and maintenance, so that our students have a meeting point where they can meet once they go back to their countries.

In your opinión, why is so important to learn Spanish?

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world nowadays. This is, by itself, a pretty important reason, but from my point of view learning any language makes cultural exchange and interpersonal contact much easier. All in all, it helps communication and dialogue, which is essential to live in a better world.

Which are, according to you, the main characteristics of this school?

I would stand its nonconformist nature. It doesn’t exactly mean that we are interested in an enormous growth as a company, but in the desire to be a little better day after day, being able to offer something else. The professionals working at the School are like a big family, they enjoy the job and are always inside a continuous training process, which means that our customers will always receive the best training. Finally, the School is always trying to adapt itself to the new technologies without forgetting the respect for nature and people.

Which are the center’s most important added values?

We can say that we offer an individual and personalized attention. Students can also keep in touch with the School thanks to our blog and social network. In addition to that, students who visit us can go on with their Spanish training through our online programs when they are back at home.

What does it mean for the school having been shortlisted for sixth Year in a row as the Best School in the Sector by the specialized Study Travel magazine?

Actually, it is a pride and also a big responsibility. As it is said, it may be easy to reach there, but difficult to stay. Being there, among the shortlisted schools, year after year shows the School’s effort and commitment to offer the maximum possible quality to its clients.

Which are the main goals of the School this year?

The main thing is maintaining and improving both the teaching quality and the service offer throughout our personal effort. It is also very important for us going on with the continuous training and fitting new technologies into our work systems.

Would you like to send a message to all the School’s students?

Above all, the first thing is enjoying the experience of learning Spanish in our School and enjoying Nerja as well, its beaches and mountain paths and routes. I am from Nerja and I still keep discovering wonderful places to spend a nice day in good company.

And to the working team?

I just can thank them and encourage them to keep on working just the way they are doing, with that same enthusiasm for well done work and that same joy and happiness.

Which are you memories of Nerja as a child?

I have fond memories of how I used to play in the streets, beaches and coves of the village. People used to know each other and say hello when they met along their ways. Old women would go out at night, to enjoy the talk and the fresh evening with their neighbors. I love to see how all those traditions go on nowadays, even though generations change. I think this is a part of the essence

What places do you recommend to visit in Nerja?

La Fuente Batány el Pico del Cielo, which are nature spots with spectacular and beautiful views you cannot miss. And also Nerja Caves, of course!

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