Exclusive “French and Gastronomy” Programme with French in Normandy IH Rouen

22 mai 2024

Exclusive “French and Gastronomy” Programme with French in Normandy IH Rouen

French in Normandy IH Rouen is thrilled to announce the launch of its innovative “French and Gastronomy” programme, a three-week culinary and cultural immersion in partnership with the esteemed Fauchon Culinary School and Campus France. This collaboration is designed to celebrate and promote France’s rich culinary traditions and provide a comprehensive educational experience.

From the beginning, the programme has been crafted with a clear vision: to merge the unparalleled culinary expertise of Fauchon Culinary School with the extensive educational network of Campus France. The result is a curriculum that not only equips students with advanced culinary skills but also deepens their appreciation for French culture and gastronomy.

The programme’s success hinges on a commitment to educational excellence, offering students a curriculum that showcases the diversity of French cuisine. The involvement of Fauchon Culinary School’s master chefs and industry professionals ensures a balanced approach, combining theoretical knowledge with practical, hands-on training and immersive experiences.

For its inaugural sessions, running from June 17th to July 5th and July 8th to July 26th, the programme has attracted a global audience, including students from Canada, Ireland, Brazil, Japan, China, Australia, and Finland, among others. Both sessions have already reached full capacity, highlighting the global excitement and demand for this unique educational opportunity.

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