Students at Worldwide School of English raise awareness about the use of eco-friendly cups

Written by Rosie Baker 25 febrero 2020

Students at Worldwide School of English raise awareness about the use of eco-friendly cups

Worldwide School of English in Auckland, New Zealand recently started selling reusable branded coffee cups in their café to reduce the use of single-use cups. 

As part of the school’s sustainability policy, the reusable cups give students the option to reduce their carbon footprint, while also giving them a discount on their drink if purchased in their reusable cup.

A group of students at Worldwide School of English felt so passionately about the reusable initiative that they decided to make a video for the school to encourage other students and staff to ditch the single-use cups.

Cleve Brown, owner of Worldwide School of English said: “The video was made totally spontaneously and on their own volition by a group of students in one of our Level 5, B2 classes. I was very surprised and happy to see the video that they made.”

Worldwide School of English are committed to the environment and have a number of policies in place to reduce carbon footprint, including:

  •  All low emission LED lights throughout the school
  •  New (2016) state of the art heating and aircon system
  •  Bike parking outside the school
  •  Dual flush toilets and low flow water
  •  Filtered drinking water provided FOC to all - bring your own bottle
  •  Recycling bins
  •  Recycled toilet paper
  •  30% reduction in paper used since 2017
  •  All students and 95% of staff (including the 2 owners) use sustainable transport to WWSE (public transport, bicycle, scooter, walk)

For more information on sustainability at Worldwide school of English and in New Zealand click here.

IALC commends the students at Worldwide school of English for their fantastic video on encouraging the use of reusable cups.

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