Interview with Roland Ernst of ActiLingua Academy

20 enero 2011

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Today we spoke to Roland Ernst of ActiLingua Academy, which is based in the historic city of Vienna. We find out more about the market for studying German in Austria, and gain an insight into how Roland predicts 2011 will turn out to be at this IALC language school.

Q: Hello Roland and happy new year from IALC. How was 2010 for ActiLingua Academy?

A: 2010 was an unexpectedly good year, especially for long term courses and summer courses for young people 12-17.

Q: Do you think 2011 will be worse, the same or better for the school and why?

A: We hope, and as it looks the year 2011 will be as good as 2010.

Q: How have things changed over the years at ActiLingua Academy?

A: ActiLingua Academy was founded 20 years ago as a specialist for German courses in Vienna. During the first 10 years, we also operated as an agency and sent a lot of students from Austria to England, USA, France and Spain. We fully understand our partners’ concerns and wishes, as we are familiar with their needs from our own experience in the past.

Apart from our year-round German courses for Adults 16+, our German summer courses for young people 12-17 and 16-19 years of age have been an essential part of our company since the beginning. Young people spend their summer at our summer school campus with their peers and experience an exciting leisure programme while learning German.

We are also happy about having acquired our own ActiLingua Apartment Hotel for our course participants, which increases the quality of our accommodation offer.

Q: What are your main aims for ActiLingua Academy?

A: We would like to extend our international network and create new partnerships all over the world. Thus one of our main aims is to find partners in Asia and South America where the visa situation is improving.

Q: From which countries do the majority of your students come?

A: Our clients come from over 60 countries worldwide, many come from Eastern and Southern Europe as well as from North America and Asia.

Q: What would you say are the biggest challenges facing ActiLingua Academy and language study in Austria?

A: To find good and reliable partners in markets like China, Korea and other Asian countries, who are interested in promoting the destination Vienna.

Q: How does it feel to be part of the IALC exclusive group of quality language schools?

A: IALC is a very good platform to attract partners worldwide, who already know other quality IALC schools. Agents can always rely on the quality of all chosen IALC schools.

Q: Moving on to find out more about you, which is your favourite city in the world and why?

A: My favourite city is Vienna, because the combination of quality of life and culture and nature is nearly unbeatable.

For holidays I like islands with mountains and a wonderful view down to the sea or from the sea up to the mountains.

Q: Your favourite pastime?

A: In my leisure time I enjoy different sports activities such as biking and sailing in summer and of course skiing in winter in the Austrian Alps. I also started to play golf some time ago.

Q: Your favourite meal?

A: A fresh fish from the grill with salad and rice. And a good bottle of white wine, and a bottle of red wine afterwards- together with friends…

Q: Your dream dinner guests?

A: It would be great to have dinner with a representative of a Chinese or Korean agency, who would give ActiLingua Academy an insight into the secrets of doing business in the Asian language travel market.

Q: Finally, what would you say are the main benefits of studying German in Austria?

A: Studying in Vienna is learning German at one of the most attractive destinations.

Vienna ranks first in Mercer’s overall quality of life survey and is a unique blend of history and modernity where culture and tradition abound.

High quality learning and living at the best price!

“Learn German – Experience Vienna with ActiLingua Academy!”

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