A day in the life of a summer course student at Malaca Instituto

Written by Bob Burger 23 abril 2019

A day in the life of a summer course student at Malaca Instituto

Malaca Instituto is an award winning School of Spanish that offers a very wide range of programmes for all ages, levels and needs.

Malaca Instituto’s Young Adult summer courses start from: 17th June, 1st, 15th and 29th July (2 or 4 weeks only) and 12th Aug (2 weeks only).

Check out this students memorable experience studying at Malaca Instituto:

A typical student experience at IALC-accredited language school Malaca Instituto:

Breakfast - 9:00

"A nice leisurely breakfast on the main terrace in the company of my new friends from Russia, Germany, Sweden and the US. Easy to get to as I’m living on-site in the Club Hispanico residence. The hardest thing is choosing from the 8 different types of bread roll, the meats, cheeses, fruit, yoghurts, etc."

Activity - 10:30

"Today we’re on a boat trip around the bay of Malaga. This is truly amazing. We all feel like Hollywood stars as we lounge in the sun, enjoying the breeze and picking out places we know in Malaga as we sail along the coast. OK, so this is not one of the more cultural activities, but a teenager has to have fun!"

Lunch - 13:00

"Back on the terrace for lunch. Another buffet to choose from. Like most of the other students, I pick a big plateful mixing all the different dishes – when I pay for it with my mealplan card, the guys in the bar look at the mix on my plate as if I’m mad – but I like it!"

Siesta - 14:00

"Just time to indulge in one of my favourite Spanish cultural pastimes – a quick nap to recharge the batteries. Just as well I’m living in the school or I might not have had time!"

Classes - 16:00 to 19:00

"At first it seems a bit of a strange time to be studying, but this has to be better than early mornings! Today we had Ana, Javier, Maria as teachers and the time flew by. If only my classes back home were so much fun and it all makes sense now."

"Perhaps I should have booked the PLUS programme with the 1-1 classes to revise a few points I need to get right for the exams next term."

Pool Time - 19:15

"A quick dip to cool off before the fun of the evening!"

Tapas Crawl - 20:30

"A small group of us get together, walk down the hill and within a couple of minutes we’re on the bus into town. 15 minutes’ later and we’re heading to the first bar that Patricia, the Club receptionist, had recommended.  We visited 3 different tapas bars, saw hundreds of tapas, tried a few, had a couple of beers (don’t worry I am 18!) and finished up a couple of hours later wondering how we had only spent €15 each!"

Taxi Home - 23:30

"Well, it was just easier than the bus and with 4 of us together in the taxi, it only cost a few “centimos” more than the bus!"

Sweet Dreams - 24:00

"Dreaming of “ser” and “estar”, “tortilla“ and “jamon”  and tomorrow’s tour of the Cathedral’s rooftops – no vertigo please!"

Malaca Instituto dates for Summer 2019: 17th June, 1st, 15th and 29th July (2 or 4 weeks only) and 12th Aug (2 weeks only)

Prices    Young Adults     Young Adults PLUS

2 weeks                              €481  €777

4 weeks      €947   €1539

6 weeks     €1411  €2299

€70 registration fee needs to be added to the above prices

These prices include the course only. You will need to add accommodation prices and may want a meal plan and/or airport transfers.

For further information please contact Bob Burger at: Bob@MalacaInstituto.com

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