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Learn Spanish online with our IALC-accredited language schools in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Spain

IALC is bringing language courses to you with daily lessons designed to get you speaking your new language straight away. You learn through interactive online classrooms and real life conversations. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, whether you want to learn the basics or you want to focus on topics like travel, culture, or business, you can learn to speak a new language naturally and conversationally with our world class IALC language schools fantastic online programmes. 

Learn from our specialist world-class Spanish language schools around the world and begin your language learning journey today.

Spanish in Argentina and Spain

Learn Spanish online with Expanish Spanish School

Looking for something to do from the comfort of your home? Join IALC-Accredited Expanish Spanish School's online Spanish classes and connect with other students from around the world. Learn at your own pace, making the most of our unique online learning platform with our local professors in Spain and Argentina. Now offering a 10% discount! Read more here

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Spanish in Spain

Learn Spanish from home with Españolé

Join a Spanish language class with a real teacher and real students connecting from different parts of the world with IALC-accredited language school, Españolé.  Read more here

Choose from the following Spanish courses online at Españolé:

  • Grammar skills
  • General Spanish
  • Spanish life and culture
  • Pronunciation and speaking
  • Spanish for business

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Learn Spanish online with Lacunza

Stuck at home but want to improve your Spanish ? You can now learn Spanish online with IALC-accredited Spanish school, Lacunza. All of the Spanish Courses (both in mini groups and individuals) at Lacunza are all virtual now via an online platform and all our courses (intensive, extensive and private courses) are available. Read more here

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Learn Spanish online with Centro Catalina Cartagena Spanish School

Can't make travel plans right now? We have you covered! Don't postpone your Spanish learning!

  • Book now with a 30% discount, study later with peace of mind
  • Book online classes (no travel) with a 30% discount and don't wait to learn Spanish

Read more here.

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Learn Spanish online with CLIC

Enjoy our Live Online Spanish courses from the comfort of your own home in the company of your classmates in real time. Classes are delivered by our regular team of expert teachers just like face-to-face classes. Students join the class at a set time, together with their fellows and their teacher. The Live Online Spanish course offers real-time lessons, a virtual campus and a varied cultural programme for students to enjoy.

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Learn Spanish online with Estudio Sampere

IALC-accredited Spanish language school, Estudio Sampere offers Online Spanish lessons to students of all ages, levels and nationalities.

Technology has entered every single area of our life. Education is not an exception. Nowadays, you can learn anything from anywhere! Students will learn Spanish online via Skype from one of the native teachers who teach everyday at Estudio Sampere’s schools in Spain and Ecuador. Read more here. 

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Learn Spanish Online with Escuela de Idiomas Nerja

IALC-accredited Spanish language school Escuela de Idiomas Nerja is now offering students the possibility to continue practicing and improving Spanish from home through online classes for levels and needs.

Escuela de Idiomas Nerja was founded in 1980 and can offer language learning opportunities for students from level A1 to level C2. Contact to book your course now.

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Learn Spanish online with TARONJA School with added online leisure activities!

IALC-accredited Spanish language school TARONJA in Valencia is now offering online Spanish courses with online leisure activities every week! Do you feel home alone like our 80s hero Macaulay Culkin? Well, don't worry anymore because, thanks to today's technology, we are all connected. TARONJA School wants to offer you a new online course, perfect to continue studying Spanish and having a good time, with students from all over the world, during these days of quarantine. 

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