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Seminars at the IALC Workshop

Seminars start at 14:00 on Thursday 13th April at the Radisson Blu Royal

Full details to follow
Time Title Speaker Audience Room
14:00 - 14:30 'Top tips for Agents to sell 'less requested' destinations' No Fluff, Nicola Lutz Agents Goldsmith 1
14:00 – 14:30 Create engagement with users to generate leads and sales DEFT, Carlo Ferreiro Agents Goldsmith 2
14:30 – 15:00 EdCover: Guaranteed Pricing for IALC Schools & Agencies. Edvisor, Jamie Gibbs Agents Goldsmith 1
14:30 – 15:00 IALC Agency Training Scheme - Get Certificated and become an Expert in a Destination! IALC, Pamela Villaseñor Agents Goldsmith 2
15:00 – 15:30 IALC Quality Standards – best practice IALC, Glen Mitchell Schools Goldsmith 1
15:00 – 15:30 Make your brand excel in social media DEFT, Carlo Ferreiro Schools & agents Goldsmith 2
15:30 - 16:00 Green Standard Schools accreditation – good for the environment and good for your school Green Standard Schools, Jonathan Dykes Schools Goldsmith 1
15:30 – 16:00 State of the Industry: Real Time Data on Industry Developments & Trends Edvisor, Carolina Costa Schools & agents Goldsmith 2
16:00 – 16:30 Coffee Break
16:30 – 17:10 Winning the SEO game Higher Education Marketing, Philippe Taza Schools & agents Goldsmith 1 & 2
17:10 - 18:00 Industry Panel Discussion - How agents and schools can work more efficiently together Various Schools & agents Goldsmith 1 & 2
Title: Top tips for Agents to sell 'less requested' destinations'

For: Agents

Seminar Description: You want your clients to have the best possible time studying abroad. You have IALC schools in a wide range of destinations. And often you just KNOW a particular destination would be perfect for that student - but they aren't familiar with it, or they feel they should follow the crowd.

We will look at sales techniques on how to counsel students on the less well known locations. Questions to ask. Ways to portray the schools.
You will leave armed with some fresh inspiration and solid, 'No Fluff' sales techniques.

No Fluff presenter:

Nicola Lutz, owner 

Nicola Lutz helps agents and schools enrol more students. With less faff and fluff and with empathy and humanity, but always with efficiency and focus.
She is the Owner of No Fluff; has been in international education sales for 27 years; is a Director of StudyTravel; an Award Winning Mentor and a Founding Fellow of the Institute of Sales Professionals.
She lives in the UK and clients are from all over the globe, both educators and agents. She is hugely passionate and supportive of our sector.

Title1: Create engagement with users to generate leads and sales

For: Agents

Seminar Description: How businesses can engage with their audience to drive more leads and sales. The seminar highlighted the importance of understanding the needs and preferences of your target audience and tailoring your marketing strategies accordingly.

Title2: Make your brand excel in social media

For: Schools & Agents

Seminar Description: We will share which are the best practices in order to make your brand excel above others in different social media channels across the globe and the generational gaps.

DEFT presenter:

Carlo Ferreiro Torres Landa

Before founding DEFT,  Carlo was a CPO at Bahía 360; an innovation firm from Mexico City that works with Blockchain technologies, NFTs and other Web 3 applications. He has worked with big international brands like Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, Mattel, Pepsico, Pandora and many more as a Product Owner and Product Manager. Also he has collaborated in industries like Banking, Real Estate, Travel, Insurance and Medical.

Title1: EdCover: Guaranteed Pricing for IALC Schools & Agencies 

For:  Agents

Seminar Description: EdCover introduces the most comprehensive pricing protection in the international education industry to the Edvisor platform. Through the IALC-Edvisor partnership, all IALC schools can now guarantee their prices to make sure that their agencies are working with accurate global pricing and promotions on Edvisor.

But how can IALC schools maximise the benefit of this service? And how can agencies begin selling IALC schools with 100% confidence in their pricing? 

Join Jamie from the Edvisor team as he answers these questions and explores how Guaranteed Pricing can support IALC schools and agencies strengthen and scale their partnerships. 

Title2: State of the Industry: Real Time Data on Industry Developments & Trends

For:  Schools & Agents

Seminar Description: Gain unique insights on the trends and developments that are shaping our industry with Edvisor’s real time data. From shifts in student demand according to study destination and student nationality and booking patterns by programme type to our industry’s continued recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, this presentation will provide a unique statistical insight for IALC schools and agencies.

Edvisor presenters:

Jamie Gibbs, Commercial Director
With nine years of experience in the international education industry, Jamie worked with global chain schools and private universities before joining Edvisor to focus his energies on the ed tech revolution. As Edvisor’s Commercial Director with a global team of Business Developers, Jamie supervises the management of a global network of 10,000+ agents and 500+ educators around the world as well as leading strategy implementation for the company’s product expansion and growth in new markets. 

Carolina Costa, School CX Manager
Carolina Costa joined the Edvisor family in early 2022 as the new School Success Manager for Europe taking over the day-to-day account management of Edvisor’s school partners across the region. With over 6 years of experience working with B2B Sales within the international education industry, Carolina brings a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm to her new role as she enters the Ed-Tech sector. Carolina has a real understanding of school recruitment needs through the positions she has held with City Education Group, Oscars International and Malvern House International and she’s applying that experience as she builds relationships with Edvisor’s growing school network across Europe. 

Title: IALC Agency Training Scheme - Get Certificated and become an Expert in a Destination!

For:  Agents

Seminar Description: IALC has created a Certification program for all agents to become experts in the destinations IALC offers in order to help agents to become better at profiling of students and increase their sales by competing with knowledge in a market fill with misinformation. The graduates not only will receive a diploma, but will participate in IALC marketing campaigns. 

IALC presenter:

Pamela Villaseñor, Global In-Market Representatives Manager 

For over 14 years Pamela Villaseñor has worked in the international education industry and has specialized in language programs as she firmly believes that these are the programs that are most accessible to the majority of the public. She is always looking to develop better strategies and information dissemination for better profiling of students, therefore helping more profiles to achieve their growth goals through international education.

Title: IALC Quality Standards – best practice

For:  Schools

Seminar Description: To Follow


IALC presenter:

Glen Mitchell, IALC Inspector
To follow

Title: Green Standard Schools accreditation – good for the environment and good for your school

For: Schools 

Seminar Description: 

As we all know, the world is racing towards an environmental catastrophe that can only be halted by immediate and persistent action. Not just action on a geo-political scale, but action by schools, businesses, and individuals in their every-day habits and behaviours.

Green Standard Schools is a not-for-profit association that has been established in order to encourage the adoption of rigorous environmental standards across the language teaching industry. This presentation will outline the aims of the association, how the accreditation system works, and how accreditation could be of real benefit to schools, as well as having a positive impact on the environment.

Green Standard Schools presenter: Johnathan Dykes

Jonathan has spent most of his professional life in the language teaching industry. He started out as a teacher, working in Spain, Germany, and the UK, but soon moved into management, and ending up running a small multinational group of schools, several of which he started. Jonathan also set up Net Languages, one of the world’s first Web-based language schools, and in 2020 he co-founded Green Standard Schools, a global association of language schools that are committed to protecting the environment. In addition to his continuing involvement in language school management, Jonathan is also a participant in several transnational Erasmus+ projects, including one called VR4LL, which was nominated as a finalist in the 2022 edition of the ELTons awards in the category of Digital Innovation.

Title: Winning the SEO Game for Schools and Agencies: How to Dominate Organic Search and Get in Front of the Right Students in 2023

For: Schools & Agents

Seminar Description: 

There are more opportunities for your school’s content to show up on search engines today than ever before, such as “structured snippets,” “People also ask, and the list goes on. The problem is that the SEO needed to win those spots has become incredibly complex and technical.

Join us for fast-paced executive briefing for schools and agencies on what you need to know about SEO in 2023 and how to ensure you “steal” every opportunity to show up on search engines for relevant searches entered by your potential students.

HEM presenter:

Philippe Taza, CEO

Philippe Taza has worked in higher education marketing and recruitment since 2001. He began his higher ed career as a recruitment officer at a college in Vancouver, BC. Advancing into recruitment management, he developed his skills in online marketing and trained in web analytics to more effectively manage marketing performance. 

In 2008, Philippe founded Higher Education Marketing, a digital marketing agency dedicated to helping schools, colleges and universities market themselves online, offering expertise and services in lead generation, web design, content development, branding, paid advertising, SEO, social media and analytics.

IALC Host and Gold Sponsor of the Workshop

“The scale of the workshop is perfect … Even better is that the IALC group of schools are represented by good people, with a common interest in quality provision and success. The atmosphere is one of a large family reunion and the food, accommodation and social events never fail to delight.”

Richard Bradford, Disquiet Dog

“The IALC Workshop is a truly outstanding way to exhibit your brand to the people that matter.”

Nicolas Miller, Edvisor

Our Corporate Partner

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