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Take a German course in Heidelberg - an old city with a modern love of languages



Things to do in Heidelberg

So what is Heidelberg like for modern students? The city, based on the banks of the river Neckar, has a castle on a hill, but the rest is of the town is flat and easy to travel around on foot or bicycle. Because the city welcomes a big student population, many activities are designed just for students, so Heidelberg is a reasonably cheap place to study German.

The huge castle ruins are world-famous and in summer there are many open-air theatre performances in the castle grounds. The city has many other beautiful buildings to visit, including Alte Brücke (Old Bridge) and the Hotel Ritter, which dates back to 1592. Alte Brücke has a modern superstition - the metal monkey statue has only been part of the bridge since 1979, replacing an older stone monkey. It’s claimed that if you touch the mirror the monkey is holding, you’ll return to Heidelberg. Walking through the old town along the Philosophenweg (Philosopher’s Way) you travel a path walked by centuries of philosophers and university professors.

For those who love mountain-biking, Odenwald, about an hour from the city, offers woodland tracks, dirt trails and paved roads.

Learning to find your way to the Bismarckplatz is crucial to student life in Heidelberg. Nearly every bus and tram stops here, and there are two shopping centres on the square, so it’s a great place to buy groceries or heavy items as you don’t have to carry them further than the bus stop. Haupstrasse, the 1.5 kilometre long pedestrian shopping street, is easy to find from Bismarckplatz too.

Heidelberg has a unique Pharmacy Museum, inside the Heidelberg Castle. A visit to the museum is included in the same ticket price as the castle, as well as a trip on the funicular railway and a chance to see the world’s biggest wine barrel.

Heidelberg likes students so much that it makes special arrangements for them. Many German towns have a ‘Sperrmüll’ - a special collection for old furniture and other big items - but in Heidelberg the fortnightly Sperrmüll is also open to students to help themselves! It starts around 10 or 11pm, and the date varies from district to district, so if you watch out for those dates you might find all kinds of treasures from furniture to picture frames left in the street for anybody who wants them. If you would rather pay for your bargains, head for the Mensa (student canteen) at the Zeughaus in the Altstadt or old town. It has a huge flea market six times a year.

Tips for students of German in Heidelberg

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