Estudio Sampere La Habana

Located at a two-story house with garden, Estudio Sampere La Habana is quite unique, as in addition to housing 6 classrooms, it also includes 2 double rooms to accommodate students, a cafeteria or dining area, and a classroom for dancing lessons. Since the school is also a residence, it is open 24 hours a day, has private security, and students are free to drop by anytime. It is possible to meet there with other students and relax after class.

The school also has a roof garden and a terrace where students can enjoy long chats with their teachers. The school’s atmosphere is rather laid back, and similar to that of a large family. It offers breakfast and lunch during the week and breakfast and dinner during the weekend. This gives the school a one-of-a kind character that is hard to compare with any other school in the world. Lessons take place in the morning, and afternoons are used for cultural, tourist and leisure visits. In addition, our staff will be at your disposal to help you with anything you may need: from currency exchange services to organizing an excursion, or renewing your visa.

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