Learn Spanish in Salamanca, Spain!

Salamanca is widely considered one of the most beautiful Spanish cities. It is also in Salamanca that the purest Spanish (or "Castellano") is said to be spoken. Part of its charm is that Salamanca offers the amenities of a larger city while retaining an intimate small-town. Whether you spend your free time tasting local delicacies or off on an adventure, you will have the best experience in Salamanca.

Close to the border of Portugal and a few hours from Madrid, Spain, Salamanca is perfectly located for outer city adventures. Salamanca is a modern university city that celebrates many international conferences and important cultural events. It doesn’t come as a surprise when this city was named European Cultural Capital in 2002.

A magical city

This Spanish city has numerous stunning old buildings, including Renaissance, Moorish, Gothic, Romanesque and Baroque monuments. Salamanca has been declared a World Heritage City by UNESCO

Familiarise yourself with Salamanca with a visit to St Maria Cathedral also known as the Old Cathedral, which dates back to the 12th century. Admire the Romanesque style with the outstanding Gallo Tower. Follow this trip with a visit to the Cathedral Nueva (New Cathedral). Constructed between the 15th and 16th century, this beautiful piece of architecture looks over the city centre. It takes on two different styles: late Gothic and Baroque.

Salamanca may not be big in size, but it offers many interesting activities for students to do in their free time.

Relax after your Spanish classes by wandering through the lovely cobblestone streets and soaking up the atmosphere of the old city, where some of Spain’s most well-known artists, writers, scientists, and philosophers once lived.  Stop and enjoy some tapas in this great culinary destination, close to the famous village of Guijuelo, which is legendary for its cured hams.

What to do in Salamanca

There is much to explore in Salamanca, especially if you are a fan of art, history, and culture. Start with the Plaza Mayor, the public square at the heart of the city and one of the grandest plazas in Spain. It is lined with three-storey buildings that date back to 1755 and is where many ceremonial occasions have taken place including bullfights. These days, it is a peaceful place to relax and dine outdoors on tapas and beer.

The fascinating Casa Lis is an Art Nouveau and Art Deco Museum that houses some impressive objects from the end of the 19th century and the start of the 20th century: displays of paintings, furniture, jewellery, antique toys, gold, enamel works and more. If you are looking for something a little more contemporary, then add the innovative Domus Artium Museum of Contemporary Art to your list. Formerly a prison, it has been completely renovated to better display the avant-garde works. All in all, its rich history, beautiful architecture, relaxed atmosphere, and educational heritage make it a great place to study and indeed, one of the most popular places in Spain to learn Spanish!

The cuisine

Traditional Castilian cuisine brings uniqueness to the table. Here are a few dishes you might try during your stay in Salamanca. The star of all baked foods in the city, the meat pie, Hornazo. Traditionally consumed at family celebrations and the end of Easter, but also widely consumed throughout the year.

Next at the table is Paloma, fried wheat crust wrapped in Russian salad. Serving a refreshing combination of flavours available throughout the year but best enjoyed during Spring and Summer.

Tostas and mintaditos is a tapas dish offering you a wide range of traditional recipes. Head down to a tapas bar where they’ll offer you a complete collection of tostas and montaditos, which include cheese, sauces, hot and fresh meat, anchovies, or vegetables in varied combinations.

How about something a little sweet?  Don’t forget to try the traditional perrunillas. This popular baked cookie is round in shape and golden in colour with a little almond in the middle. Great when accompanied by a cup of tea or coffee.

Learn Spanish in Salamanca, for an unforgettable learning experience.

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