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17 Juli 2016

Refugee charity drive held by students at Impact English College

Impact English College (Melbourne campus) General English Advanced class, headed up by class teacher Anna Kay, organised a college wide charity drive in support of the Asylum Seeker Research Centre (ASRC) after reading an article about Syrian refugees in a Marie Claire magazine. This was also published in NEAS news last month!

The students came up with the idea after reading an article in Marie Claire magazine about a woman who fled war-torn Syria with her two young children. Prior to reading the article, the

class talked about the refugee crisis in Europe and the issues involving misplaced persons and refugees.

The class began Project Refugee, where the students researched food banks and identified items worthy of collection. One student designed a poster for the project to put up on the noticeboards around the school. The class then coordinated the school-wide collection of food and toiletry donations over a three-week period. Finally, the students visited the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre where they submitted the donations to the food bank.

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