IALC-accredited Italian language school DILIT in Rome re-opens!

Written by Paola Lazzaro 16 Juli 2020

IALC-accredited Italian language school DILIT in Rome re-opens!

IALC-accredited learn Italian in Rome language school DILIT is excited to announce that the school has reopened for face-to-face.

Rome is reopening too with all its museums, galleries, restaurants and shops. All courses will be run in school including General Italian courses, Art and Culture courses, Special courses, the preparatory course for Italian Universities, Teaching Training courses as well as our cultural and social program.

All the staff had worked together to put in place measures that will allow students to learn face-to-face again, while staying safe.

Safety measures at the school for a free COVID environment:

  • Guarantee adequate information and sensitize clients about measures of prevention and behaviour to limit the possible transmission of Covid-19, also insisting on the sense of individual responsibility.
  • This information will be clear and comprehensible to clients of different nationalities through the use of appropriate posters and signs, together with the promotion and respect of all the preventive measures.
  • Post signs and reminders at entrances and in strategic places providing instruction on hand hygiene, COVID-19 symptoms, and cough and sneeze etiquette. This should include signs for non- Italian speakers, as needed.
  • Students and visitors might have their body temperature measured and in the case it is > 37.5, they will not be allowed in the premises.
  • Workstations in the reception are separated by a screen to protect students and staff.
  • Class sizes will be 8 maximum for large rooms and 6 maximum for medium rooms to enable social distancing (In Italy 1 m), big windows in each classroom.
  • Break times will be staggered so students are not moving in communal areas at the same time.
  • The locations of classes will be staged across different floors to ensure separation is maintained between different classes.
  • Classrooms will be sanitized after each session.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available on each floor and in each classroom.
  • The school building will be cleaned and sanitized every day with sweeps after every change of class.
  • All those (teachers, students) who have to stay together in a closed space for a long time have to wear protective masks and wash their hands as frequently as possible. Teachers may also wear protective visors.
  • Provide paper towels in bathrooms
  • Double efforts to keep bathrooms clean and properly disinfected.
  • Different outdoor spaces (2 terraces, little gardens) are used for breaks and social moments.
  • Accommodation: all our hosts are ready to provide accommodation and guarantee and respect all the safety and hygienic measures.

DILIT is looking forward to welcoming students soon in Rome.

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