IALC Study Travel Research Report 2017

The IALC Study Travel Research Report Series

As an association committed to language learning and cultural exchange, we are proud to contribute research on language study abroad.

Surprisingly little research exists into trends in demand for foreign language learning at home or abroad. IALC is delighted to have commissioned StudentMarketing to redress the balance with this detailed report, comprising primary and secondary research and providing a comprehensive analysis of the global language travel market as it pertains to learning different languages.

2017: The student perspective on language study abroad: Student expectations, experiences and satisfaction

In total, over 4,700 language travellers took part in the IALC Study Travel Research Report 2017 on the student perspective on language study abroad.

This is the third study travel research reports commissioned by IALC, but the first edition to focus on the end-customer.

The result is a unique piece of research on language learning that identifies and measures changes in pre-arrival and post-arrival preferences. They provide quantitative and qualitative information on any unexpected benefits and disappointments of language study abroad and track whether existing language knowledge or proficiency, or a previous study abroad experience, influences these preferences and ultimately, the student satisfaction.

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