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IALC in the press - IALC announces results of 2015 Study Travel Research

IALC in the press

November 2017

IALC releases student research findings

ST Magazine 15 November 2017


The International Association of Language Centres (IALC) has released the results of a student research project, highlighting student expectations and satisfaction throughout the customer journey, and showing differences by age, booking channel and language studied.”


IALC Study Travel Research Report 2017

Schools and Agents, 15 November 2017


“As an association committed to language learning and cultural exchange, IALC are proud to contribute research on language study abroad.” 


New report maps student expectations for language study

ICEF Monitor, 01 November 2017


“In recent years, the International Association of Language Centres (IALC) has published a series of studies that contribute to our understanding of the global language learning market. The latest of these is the IALC Study Travel Research Report 2017, and is entitled, The student perspective on language study abroad: Student expectations, experiences and satisfaction.” 


Positive association 

The EL Gazette, 01 November 2017


“The big chains may be doing well, but schools belonging to the International Association of Language Centres (IALC) perform twice as well on average as normal English language centres. The mean score is 8.8 areas of strength against 4.4 for the UK accredited sector overall.”


IALC and Edvisor announce exclusive partnership

The Pie News, 1 November 2017 

“The International Association of Language Centres has signed a partnership with technology provider Edvisor to help streamline data sharing between schools and agents.”



October 2017

IALC and Edvisor announce partnership

ST Magazine 10 October 2017

 “IALC has announced a partnership with Edvisor, a provider of technology solutions in the language travel industry, to promote all 140 member schools on the Edvisor Platform”.

Exclusive partnership for Edvisor and IALC

Schools and Agents 7 October 2017

“The Edvisor Platform allows IALC to provide the most advanced technology to its members and makes it easier for agents to work with IALC schools across the board by centralizing information. Currently 45 of IALC members are live on the Edvisor Platform, and agents are already seeing the benefits of working this way.”

Language courses abroad for Tokyo Olympics volunteers

The EL Gazette, 05 October 2017

“Japanese students volunteering to take part in international events such as the Tokyo Olympics will have access to scholarships to study languages abroad, the International Association of Language Centres (IALC) has announced”. 


IALC and JAOS join forces for scholarship fund

The Pie News, 04 October 2017
“IALC has announced a partnership has announced a partnership with Japanese agency association JAOS”. 

IALC and JAOS join forces for Olympic Scholarships
ST Magazine 02 October 2017
“The International Association of Language Centres (IALC) has joined forces with Japanese agency association JAOS to provide a scholarship programme to help Japanese nationals prepare for the forthcoming Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games 2020 and the 2019 Rugby World Cup”.


July 2016

Leeds gives delegates from over 20 countries an international welcome at 2016 International Association of Language Centres workshop

ITCM, 25July 2016

In total IALC saw approximately 350 national and international delegates at Leeds in April this year, the first time the workshop has been held in the U.K. since 1989. Delegates were able to experience some of the most unique venues that Leeds has to offer.

Rescue of UK's Apple Languages Brand Realised

The Pie News, 14 July 2016 

"The support of IALC schools kept me going," Jos van Kerkhof, Owner of Apple Languages, UK

The owner of UK study travel agency, Apple Languages, has heralded the company's success following the collapse of the previous incarnation of Apple Languages as a testament to strong industry support and collegiality, especially among IALC member schools.

Brexit and Language Travel to Kent

Kent Radio. 6 July 2016

Jan Capper, Executive Director for IALC, discusses why language student travel is important for Kent, UK, and how she sees Brexit effecting the industry.


May 2016

Latest language travel data points to slowing growth in 2015

ICEF Monitor, 25 May 2016

Evidence continues to mount of a slowdown in growth in language travel bookings in 2015, and even of declining enrolment for a number of important destinations. The latest indicators come from a global survey of language schools and education agents. The survey points to marginal declines in student weeks in both the adult and junior segments. Both agent and school respondents cite economic conditions in sending markets along with shifting currency values as some of the primary factors contributing to softening enrolment during the year.

April 2016

ALTO outlines portal plan in drive to standardise study travel

The Pie News, 15 April 2016

The concern over education agencies selling language school courses “based on what makes us the same, not what makes us different”, was an argument pitched against standardisation of language study booking in the Big Debate at the IALC Workshop last week.

2.28 million abroad for language study in 2014

ICEF Monitor,  12 April 2016

New research indicates that nearly 2.3 million people travelled abroad for a language course in 2014. This is the top-level finding from the IALC Study Travel Research Report 2016: Trends in the Demand for Foreign Languages, and it sets the tone for an interesting new view of the global market for language travel.

Foreign language study: 2.28m go overseas

The Pie News, 8 April 2016

New research produced for the International Association of Language Centres has estimated the size of the annual study travel market for foreign language learning to be 2.28 million language students.

Ialc presents research report on language demands

ST Magazine, 8 April 2016

Ialc, the International Association of Language Centres, has presented its research report on language demands from international students, and shows there is a huge demand around the world to learn English, particularly in Asia.

IALC 2016 Workshop, Leeds & York - Gala Dinner

Photo gallery: The Pie News website, April 2016

The roaring 20s was a fabulous theme for the gala dinner during the IALC annual conference at the Queen’s Hotel ballroom in central Leeds.

IALC 2016 Workshop, Leeds & York

Photo gallery: The Pie News website, April 2016

The IALC Workshop hosted delegates from around the world in the vibrant northern UK cities of Leeds and York in April. Its independent school members fostered good business relations with their education agent partners and enjoyed seminars and socialising too.

Domesticating the student market

EL Gazette, April 2016

The Ialc report shows how language travel specialists need to keep an eye on trends in their students’ domestic markets, says Melanie Butler.

Tips on top travel trends

EL Gazette, April 2016

Melanie Butler dives deep into the data on studying abroad in the brand new Ialc report on trends in demand for language learning .

March 2016

IALC welcomes six new members to the association

ST Magazine, 1 March 2016

The International Association of Language Centres (Ialc) has welcomed six new member centres from Australia, Malta, France and Germany in recent weeks.

February 2016

IALC welcomes six new members to the association

The Pie News, 25 February 2016

Six language schools in Australia, Malta, France and Germany have become new members of the International Association of Language Centres this month, bringing the total membership to 158 schools.

November 2015

Aseproce focuses on independents, Canada and growth

Hothousemedia.com, 5 November 2015

Spanish agency association Aseproce focussed on independent schools, Canada as a study destination and industry data, including signs of growth for the Spanish market, at its annual workshop in Madrid last week.

Independents in demand

EL Gazette, 1 November 2015

Claudia Civinini analyses the 2015 Ialc research to reveal what language travel agents really look for in a partner institution.

New members join IALC in NZ, Spain, Argentina

The Pie News, November 2015

The International Association of Language Centres, an exclusive network of boutique language schools worldwide, has welcomed new members from New Zealand, Spain and Argentina.

October 2015

IALC Turkey Roadshow

Photo gallery: The Pie News website, October 2015

October 2015 - 20 IALC accredited language schools travelled to meet study travel agents in Turkey. The schools representatives met directly with the agents in Istanbul and Ankarra as part of the roadshow.

Ialc welcomes four new member schools

Hothousemedia.com, 29 October 2015

The International Association of Language Centres (Ialc) has welcomed four new centres, from New Zealand, Spain and Argentina, bringing total worldwide membership to 135 schools.

Turkey: UED hosts third annual awards

The Pie News, October 2015

One of Turkey’s agency associations, UED, whose members represent 55% of the outbound market, has presented its third annual awards, recognising language schools worldwide that offer excellent service to students and education agencies.

September 2015

Study or perception and positioning

El Gazette, September 2015

How do chain schools position themselves in the global language travel market compared to independent schools?

10th ST Star Awards celebrates study travel sector

Hothousemedia.com, 7 September 2015

The international study travel industry gathered in London at the weekend to celebrate excellence in performance at the unique, peer-voted StudyTravel Star Awards 2015.

May 2015

Consolidation, price pressure: new hallmarks of study travel business

The Pie News, 18 May 2015

US has overtaken UK as top receiving country for English language travel, as global growth slows and the study travel industry enters a period of market consolidation, research commissioned by the International Association of Language Centres has shown.

English language programmes in Malta report steady growth for 2014

ICEF Monitor, 5 May 2015

According to a recent study from the International Association of Language Centres (IALC), Malta is the world’s seventh most-popular destination for students wishing to study English.

April 2015

Independent schools need to brand personal touch: IALC

The Pie News, 30 April 2015

New research commissioned by independent language school association IALC reveals that education agents value the benefits of working with independent providers and boutique chain schools.

German language study on the rise worldwide

ICEF Monitor, 30 April 2015

By population of native speakers, German is the 10th most-widely spoken language in the world. But when measured in terms of economic impact – that is, by the gross national product (GNP) generated by German speakers – it ranks fourth worldwide, after only English, Chinese, and Spanish.

IALC Workshop, Rouen, France

Photo gallery: The Pie News website, April 2015

2015 IALC annual workshop brings together boutique language school owners and high-calibre education agents from around the world.

Ialc reveals report findings at Rouen workshop

Hothousemedia.com, 29 April 2015

Ialc held its 2015 workshop in the historic French city of Rouen in April, where the ‘life cycle’ of the language travel industry and how agents perceive independent chain schools were just two of the topics discussed during the opening seminars.

FAM tours effective in strengthening agent-educator relationship

ICEF Monitor, 29 April 2015

FAM (familiarisation) tours are one of the most effective ways for education providers to strengthen their working relationships with student recruitment agents, as IALC survey reveals.

New study highlights global language travel trends and the role of agents

ICEF Monitor, 28 April 2015

Two million people travel abroad every year with the primary purpose of learning a foreign language.

Art, Fancy Dress and Tuxedos at IALC Rouen 2015

Schools & Agents, 27 April 2015

A report of the IALC 2015 International Workshop in Rouen.

Top schools have top teachers

EL Gazette, April 2015

EL Gazette looks at why student satisfaction starts in the classroom and benchmarks IALC Spanish language schools in top 20% in Spain.

March 2015

Marketing languages other than English

ICEF Monitor, 26 March 2015

A lingua franca is a bridge language, sometimes called a trading language, in that it is used to support communication between people who don’t share a native language.

Marketing languages other than English

Turkish Student magazine, March 2015

Studying at a foreign university is a challenge for students who want to improve their employment prospects in an increasingly global market. Many language schools are now offering a range of university pathway or foundation programmes to help students prepare for academic life. But what should you look for in a pathway programme?

February 2015

From the field:Commoditisation and differentiation in the language travel industry

ICEF Monitor, 27 February 2015

Jean-Marc Alberola is the president of Bridge,a dynamic US-based provider whose six divisions span a wide range of language,teacher training, pathway, exchange,corporate training, and online programmes.

IALC commissions first-of-its-kind industry study

Schools & Agents, 23 February 2015

The International Association of Language Centres (IALC) has commissioned a unique and industry-wide research project.

Amid a crowd of Stars

EL Gazette, 11 February 2015

Celestine Rowland, Ialc president and owner of Galway Cultural Institute and Galway Business School, tells Melanie Butler about Irish ELT reform.

IALC surveys agents on chains and independents

Hothouse Media, 9 February 2015

The International Association of Language Centres(IALC) has commissioned a survey of study travel agents to gauge industry perceptions of independent language schools and chain schools.

June 2014

Growth of online booking

ICEF Monitor, 4 June 2014

Panel looks at the growth of online booking in language travel

May 2014

The future of online booking

Study Travel Magazine May 2014

What’s the future of online booking and how far is study travel from a global distribution system like those seen in the travel industry?

Q&A with Jan Capper

Study Travel Magazine May 2014

This month, Jan Capper, director of IALC, chats to us about membership growth and plans for the 2015 workshop in France

The future of online booking

Study Travel Magazine May 2014

What’s the future of online booking and how far is studytravel from a global distribution system like those seen in the travel industry?

April 2014

IALC Brisbane workshop debates future of online booking

The Pie News April, 2014

The International Association of Language Centres (IALC) annual workshop was held in Australia for the first time this month and allowed 106 language centres from 21 countries to meet with 90 education agencies. This year, as well as a unique Australian experience, all delegates enjoyed an incisive seminar programme.

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