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IALC President Giorgia Biccelli talks to Lead5050 about life in the industry


Lead5050 is a global professional network that seeks to raise the profile of women in the international education industry and facilitate them into positions of leadership.


IALC President and director of Linguaviva in Italy, Giorgia Biccelli is a member of Lead5050’s #First50: a group of inspirational women who have had a real impact on their organisations and the industry as a whole.


Chosen because they inspired the team at Lead5050 personally, Ms Biccelli is a key figure in the industry and was interviewed by Lead5050 earlier this year on her career and life. Check out some highlights from the interview below:  


L5050: What helped you get as far as you have?


GB: Loving what I do. I like the language travel industry and I consider it a privilege to be working in this industry. If you like what you do, you can overcome difficult moments. I also learned that working in a team is important - in leading a team I prefer to share knowledge and to be supportive when needed.


Listening to different opinions is always important. With time, I have learned that it is very important to distance yourself from your own point of view - depending on the situation, it can sometimes be limited or biased. Be constructive with criticism - delivering criticism with a smile is always good. An ability to see the funny side of my profession is helpful as it allows me to view situations more objectively. Most importantly - have a clear goal and reach it.


L5050: If you could give one piece of advice to your 21 year old self, what would it be?


GB: To always look ahead, if you happen to look back it is only to find ideas or indications which will help you to move forward. Identify what is important to you and for your life. To do things as well as possible and remember that mistakes are great for learning. ‘Panta rei’ - everything flows, life and work never come to a still stand. Thinking is just important as acting.


L5050: What is your favourite quote?


GB: Panta rei ( Eraclitus) which means - everything flows, nothing can or should stay the same.


L5050: What would your superpower be?


GB: Smiling resilience.


You can read the full interview with Giorgia Biccelli here and for more information on Lead 5050 and find out about their inaugural Women in International Education Awards, celebrating the amazing work that women and men are doing in our industry in the name of gender equality, click here.

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