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ialc membership

Established in 1983 by a group of forward-thinking European and North American language school owners, IALC is committed to exceptional language teaching and we select only centres that meet our demanding standards for quality, character and accessible senior management.


Joining IALC

For IALC schools, language teaching is a passion first and a business second. Each new member must meet our standards and enhance our worldwide portfolio. We recruit 5-10 new members per year through a careful selection process. Within the framework of an annual geographical plan, which prioritises certain languages and countries, we identify and invite schools of exceptional reputation to apply. 

We can also consider enquiries from schools that meet the criteria below and all enquiries are answered.


Check first that you meet these minimum criteria:

  • Legally constituted private language centre operating for at least three years
  • Operate year-round in permanent premises with at least five classrooms
  • Teach the official language of the country as a main activity to clients from overseas
  • Economically self-sufficient
  • Independent of a chain, corporate group or franchise network of more than six language schools
  • Offer courses and levels that meet client needs
  • Provide course counselling, propersly checked accommodation and varied social activities
Contact Mrs. Seek-Mui Sum, Accreditation Executive, at admin@ialc.org.

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