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Learn French in Historical city Rouen, France


Study French in Rouen and see Monet paintings.

Rouen market place - Experience the French way of life

Rouen streets - the greatest concentration of medieval buildings.

The museum-city of Rouen and historic capital of Normandy makes the perfect romantic location for the study of a French language course.

Sitting on the river Seine, Rouen brims with fascinating architecture. Coined as ‘the town of a thousand spires’ there are many ancient buildings to lose your heart to. The Notre-Dame Cathedral was once inspiration for Monet, as were the paved streets and medieval quarters.

Boasting a wealth of museums, the city is historically rich as well as culturally vibrant.

From the stained-glass windows of the Church of Saint Joan of Arc, to the wrought iron museum, Rouen is full of beautiful details. You will find gothic stonework, pretty plazas and delicious patisseries- all painting the perfect picture of your French adventure.

While not only learning the language, you will meet the locals at the weekly food and flea markets.

Enjoy Europe’s cafe culture and people-watch along the promenades or beneath the Gros Horloge: Normandy’s famous clock tower. The Musee des Beaux-Arts houses one of the finest collections in Europe, from the 15th century to the present day. The city was also birthplace to two great writers, Flaubert and Corneille, and both have museums dedicated to them.

Rouen offers many leisure activities, including golf, horse-riding, and cycling.  There is a bike rental scheme Cy’clic available at key points around the city and there are many hiking trails and cycle paths in the surrounding area.

Walk along the Seine to the nearby port town of Hornfleur or explore the Alabaster Coast, stopping at Étretat, Fécamp and Dieppe.

These destinations are famed for their stunning white cliffs and capes. Just an hour from Paris, there is also room for a day trip (or two) to the capital.

Dine at the twice Michelin-starred restaurant of Gill or at the humble La Petit Auberge. For either budget, the city has a number of wonderful eateries to discover. With plenty of bars and clubs, you will find a busy nightlife in the city- the Emporium Galorium comes highly recommended for meeting other international students.

Rouen is not only one of Normandy’s greatest highlights but a gateway to North Western France- what more could you want from a language course abroad?




Agents visited Rouen during the IALC 2015 International Workshop  hosted by IALC-accredited school French in Normandy.

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